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January 2005, Week 3


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Tue, 18 Jan 2005 23:44:35 -0500
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Jason Grant McKahan <[log in to unmask]>
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Dear All,

My thoughts on Dr. Monti's thoughts on Dr. Horak's thoughts about Dr. 
Bentley's (who? I thought it was Dr. Frank's) request. Pooh.  Who exactly 
bestowed upon the few an elitist judiciary, however much I loathe resorting 
to the "elitist" quip? I imagine there are plenty of matters concerning 
which all of us have not the simplest clue. I don't see in any way how Dr. 
Frank's request "undermines  Screen-L's credibility."  Perhaps, it 
undermines Bentley University's credibility, but that's only if one did not 
understand Dr. Frank's initial request (I did not, but at least I know his 
name and affiliation - I simply looked).  His query concerned electronic 
sources, not library hard copies.  I trust that when one has a question 
that discourse can be constructive and nurturing - not unfair and rashly 
judgmental.  Applaud that instead. Applaud Dr. Frank's initiative in 
wanting to learn about electronic resources!

This is a forum for scholars and students alike.  For those unaware of this 
fact, please point your browser to Screen-L "founding principle" at If I've grossly misread 
the "founding principle", I shall invite the moderator to banish my email 
from this list.  In the past, very smart and very kind people have 
responded to my queries.  NB: Some members were very helpful to Mike.

I hope to steer this subject back on a positive course.  The following link 
provides sources for full text repositories available through Bentley 

Mike, also check with your reference librarians about Historical New York 
Times via Proquest.  I can't tell if you guys have it or not. 
has free 14 day trial subscription (including access to older reviews).


At 03:17 PM 1/18/2005, you wrote:
>On Luned́, gennaio 17, 2005, at 07:45  PM, Chris Horak wrote:
>>One can try a really novel idea and go to the library, where you will 
>>find the
>>Reader's Guide to Periodic Literature (Reference section),
>>where under motion pictures, reviews are listed by film title and journal.
>>JC Horak
>         Though I am aware that my thoughts on Dr. Horak's thoughts about 
> Dr. Bentley's request might start a polemic, I am writing to say that I 
> applaud the former's response to the latter's query.  When I first read 
> the post, I thought Dr. Bentley was joking and I welcomed it as a 
> much-needed commercial break in yet another thankless job market.
>Then the suggestions started coming in and I realized that this was 
>serious business, indeed.
>           Engaging in this kind of exchange -- asking a question that a 
> student in an intro. to film studies course might have prior to writing 
> their final paper -- seriously undermines  Screen-L's credibility, I 
> think as a forum for serious discussion.   Let me add that I felt the 
> same way about a question that came up a while ago, concerning assigning 
> difficult feminist film theories in our courses.  I sent a reply 
> reminding the poster that it is our intellectual responsibility as 
> educators to unpack such (any) difficult concepts for our students.
>My message did not pass the censorship board, however.  Hopefully, this 
>one will.
>         Gloria Monti
>gloria monti, ph.d.
>cleveland heights, OH
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