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January 1999, Week 4


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Kate Butler <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 26 Jan 1999 17:52:54 +1100
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There's so much here to respond to! How about:

>Unit Six - Pluralist families
>The Wedding Banquet
>Kramer versus Kramer/Mrs. Doubtfire - divorce
>Secrets and Lies

>Anyone know a good film portraying single mothers/A.I.?

Terminator 2 is a good example of single motherhood though the story seems
to be about defining the role of the father as symbolised by the
Terminator. Other films that deal with fatherhood in divorced relationships
would be BYE BYE LOVE (US 1994?), LIAR LIAR (US 1998), FATHER'S DAY (US
1998), THE SUM OF US (Australia 1997), KINDERGARTEN COP (US 1990) etc.

>- The Star Trek crew is multicultural, bigendered and even interspecies.
>Is there a member with a >physical disability too - I haven't really been
>watching for some years.  Is the guy wearing a funny thing >round his eyes
>supposed to be blind?  Was there any significance in gettng a British
>actor to be leader of >the new Enterprise crew (all the rest are
>Americans, aren't they)?  What happens with babies - do any of >the
>Trekkies ever get pregnant and if so, what do they do about it?  And could
>anyone give me the correct >wording of the mission statement - 'to boldly
>go where no man/one ? has been before'.  Thanks......

Geordie (I think that's the spelling) is blind and has a special visor that
attaches to his 'brain' and allows him to see. The babies issue is an
interesting one, especially in Star Trek Voyager where they are stranded on
the ship in deep space with little hope of reaching Earth. There must be
situations arising of relationships and families. I can't remember seeing
any, occasionally there will be a couple but they are never the main
characters. There are themes of parenthood with Beverley Crusher and her
son on The Next Generation and Sisko and his son on Deep Space Nine. It's
interesting that they are both single parents. In DSN, the engineer played
by Colm Meaney, I can't remember his character's name, has a wife and young

Hope this helps.

Kate Butler
Department of Visual Communication
RMIT University, Australia
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