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Sat, 18 Mar 1995 10:44:29 CST
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>> Can anyone give me information on research/articles/personal accounts of the
>> use of karaoke in video environments???.  Or even more specifically the use
>> of media and karaoke with diasporic communities??
>> Rea Turner
>> School of Media and Journalism
>> Queensland University of Technology
>> AUSTRALIA   tel:(07) 864-1225
If you could specify what you mean by "karaoke in video environments"?
As for "media and karaoke with diasporic communities", I can only give
brief anecdotic evidence of Japan and Austria. Virtually all Japanese
people I got to know here were surprised or even shocked to hear that
Austrians did not commonly indulge in karaoke-like-activities, and that
it was even hard to find karaoke-places in Austria.
The "diasporic" Japanese community in Vienna (if you could call it that)
has its use of karaoke, in the sense that specifically known and advertised-for
Japanese restaurants have attached karaoke-boxes. Moreover, in the past
few years, quite a few non-Japanese restaurants or otherwise dubious
places opened up karaoke-rooms, just for the perverse exotic fun of it.
What I saw was mostly very drunk, very garish performances of
wannabee Madonnas & Michael Jacksons, and the odd Japanese visitor was
definitely shocked. (As was the odd Indian visitor at evenings where
an Austrian DJ advertised latest Bhangra stuff....)
When it comes to Karaoke and Video, what I would find interesting is
the distribution policy of images. In other words: The very same
video (usually something romantic, couples walking along beaches and
sunsets) is often shown as background to various different songs, and
even my very own karaoke-favourite (I can't get no satisfaction) is often
backgrounded with sunsets & holidays. I wonder whether ever any
innovative background-design for karaoke was done, or whether the visual
is just considered as something which has to be there and which
should be as cheap as possible - just junk. BTW, I never saw any
karaoke-LD which combined a Western pop- or rock-song with its
very own original video.
Birgit Kellner
Institute for Indian Philosophy
University of Hiroshima