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April 1991


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Mon, 29 Apr 91 22:19:29 CDT
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Hope this is of interest to some . . .
STeve Carr
Dept. of Radio-TV-Film
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Following is the latest version of the file ACTIV-L ARCHIVE. All these
file are available by sending the line
GET file name ACTIV-L
to [log in to unmask]
* Networking info
  AMLDBASE DOC Tutorial on Listserv's database language
  PEACENET BROCHURE All about Peacenet
  ACTIV-L ARCHIVE List of files in this archive
  NEWSGRP PROPOSAL Proposal for misc.activism.general
  PROJECT PACH-2 Proposal for misc.activism.general
* The "Secret Government"
  SECRET CIA_WARS Speech by ex-agent John Stockwell + bibliography
  CIA_NAZI TORTURE Excerpted from an NYT article
  CRIMES PATRIOTS CIA at play in Australia
* Media and propaganda
  PANAMA INVASION FAIR's report on media handling of the invasion
  CENSORED PROJ1989 Project Censored top 10 stories of 1989
  CENSORED PROJ1990 Project Censored top 10 stories of 1990
  CONGRESS MEDIA "How capitol hill controls the press"
  ABC FAIR Corporate profile of ABC by FAIR
  CBS FAIR Corporate profile of CBS by FAIR.
  NBC FAIR Corporate profile of NBC by FAIR.
  NYT FAIR Corporate profile of the NYT by FAIR
  WPOST FAIR Corporate profile of the Washington Post by FAIR
  DOWJONES FAIR Corporate profile of DJ by FAIR
  MCNEIL NITELINE Comparative study of two TV news shows by FAIR
  MEDIA RESOURCE Books, organisations, publications, addresses
  JCOHEN INTRVIEW Interview with Jeff Cohen, media activist
  PUBLIC DIPLOMCY Reagan's domestic propaganda operation
* Latin America and US foreign policy
  WITNESS 2WAR Story of Quaker doctor in El Salvador
  GRNBERET TORTURE Two accounts of US 'aid' to El Salvador
  COINTPRO CISPES The FBI's campaign to repress CISPES
  DEATHSQD ES_US ES Death Squads: a pattern of US complicity
  BEHIND DEATHSQD Behind The Death Squads in ES
  JOYA MARTINEZ The latest ES refugee to allege US DS involvement
  AI_REPT ELSALV Amnesty Int'l on ES
  FMLN BACKGRND origins, authenticity, support; FMLN/Army abuses
  HRCOMM ELSALV A. Cockburn on ES HR commission
  NUN_TORT GUATMALA US nun alleges US involvement in Guat. DS
  HRWATCH COLOMBIA HR Watch: "drug war"=repression in Colombia
  NICRAGUA ELECTION A study in US subversion of democratic processes
  FSLN ACHIEVE Achievements of the revolution in Nicaragua
  OXFAM84 NICARAG 1984 Oxfam bulletin on Nicaragua
  CONTRA TERROR An account of atrocities
  FSLN MISKITOS Sandinista treatment of Miskitos;Charges & Realit
  FSLN NICAJEWS Debunks charges of Sandinista 'Anti-Semitism'
  FSLN H-RIGHTS compared to: Somoza, Sandinistas, Guatemala, ES
  LAT-AMER HMNRTS90 A comparison of HR reports
  E-EUROPE C-AMERIC Comparisons and contrasts by Guat. journalist
  MEX-CITY AIRKILLS 100,000 children each year
* The Persian Gulf
  AGEE SPEECH Philip Agee on the "gulf crisis"
  CHOMSKY GULFJQ Noam Chomsky writes in the Jewish Quarterly
  STOCKWEL GULF1 John Stockwell speech on the gulf
  STOCKWEL GULF2 John Stockwell speech on the gulf
  ENERGY SECURITY Redefining security wrt the gulf crisis
* The continuing saga of the Iran/Contra affair
  OCTOBER SURPRISE The real Irangate scandal
  VERDICT TREASON Ex-CIA agent's acquittal is Bush's indictment
  CIA BABIES CIA contra op subverts Costa Rica
  IRNCNTRA COVERUP NYT: Iran/Contra committee protected Reagan
* Anti-war resources
  MILITARY DISCHARG Administrative discharges from the military
  MILITARY DELENTRY Getting out of army's delayed entry program
* Other resources
  PUBLCATN RESOURCE Alternative publications
  VIDEOS RESOURCE Alternative videos
  GROUPS-1 RESOURCE Progressive activist groups (1/2)
  GROUPS-2 RESOURCE Progressive activist groups (2/2)
  SOCIAL INVEST Investing with a conscience
  ECONOMIC STATS Stats on regressive wealth redistrib
  HEALTH INSURANC Everything you ever wanted to know ...
  DEATH-P INSTITUT Common misconceptions about the D penalty
  DEATH-P AMNESTY AI pamphlet on the death penalty
  AI VIDEOS Videos available from Amnesty Int'l
  AMNESTY CATALG90 Amnesty International's "Human Rights Library"
  AFSC CATALOG Am. Friends Service Comm. peace resource catalog
  QUOTES RESOURCE For articles, inspiration
  SOUTH END New titles from South End Press
  SPEAKOUT BROCHURE Progressive/activist speakers bureau
  SPEAKOUT BIOS Short bios of Speakout speakers
  FED-BDGT PRIORITY Dramatic chart: spending cuts & increases
* Civil liberties in the US
  FREEDOM ESSAY A short history of political repression in the US
  COINTPRO METHODS COINTELPRO techniques and how to protect yourself
  COMMON SENSE Commonsense ways to handle govt. repression
  FOIA KIT How to use the Freedom of Info Act
  FEMA MARTIAL FEMA and martial law
  WAR_AT HOME1 Important book on
  WAR_AT HOME2 FBI political respression
  WAR_AT HOME3 techniques and how
  WAR_AT HOME4 to protect yourself.
* Ecology/Environment
  RAINFRST DESTRUCT destruction is much worse than thought
  EARTH STATS Ozone depletion, greenhouse etc
* Book reviews/reading lists
  INSIDE LEAGUE Nazis and the World Anti-Communist League
  CIA BOOKLIST Books on the CIA with short descriptions
  REPRESS BOOKLIST Books on political repression/subversion
* Other files of interest...
  LAROUCHE PART1 A study of the LaRouche movement
  LAROUCHE PART2 A study of the LaRouche movement
  LAROUCHE PART3 A study of the LaRouche movement
  ACLU HISTORY Critique of 'card-carrying' attacks
  PLEDGE ORIGIN Strange Origin of the Pledge of Allegiance