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April 1991


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Jeremy Butler <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Discussion List <SCREEN-L@UA1VM>
Tue, 2 Apr 91 22:53:00 CST
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Suzanne originally posted this on CINEMA-L, but I think she might have
meant it as a response to a question Chris posted here on SCREEN-L.
Or maybe I'm suffering from list-omania (not to be confused with
Ken Russell's LISZTOMANIA).  Sorry about any duplication this causes.
----------------------------Original message----------------------------
I am currently taking a documentary film class,
so heres a few suggestions from our syllabus:
Jack Ellis: _The_Documentary_Idea_ (a good small text with overall background
  info on documentary film making and theory)
Names to look for articles on documentary film theory:
  Dziga Vertov
  Nichols  (dont remember his first name, sorry!)
  Trinh T. Minh-ha (a doc.filmmaker who has done published interviews on her
      unique theory)
*I meant to bring my reader to give you specifics on articles
 written by these people.  If you, or anyone, would like a listing
 of what my professor included specifically please just let me know.
Nanook of the North - Robert Flaherty
Las Hurdas (Land Without Bread) - Luis Bunuel (for a surrealist view of doc.)
The Man With a Movie Camera - Dziga Vertov
Kenya Boran - David MacDougall & James Blue
Takeover - Judith & David MacDougall
Reassemblage - Trinh T. Minh-ha
Daughter Rite - Michelle Citron
Vernon, FL - Earl Morris *I highly recommend, available in video stores-funny.
Harlan County, USA
I realize this listing may not mean anything more than a bunch
of names, so if anyone wants me to go into one or another in detail
let me know.  The class is organized into different aspects of documentary
 - how they communicate
 - narrative documentaries (Nanook)
 - dada and surrealism (Las Hurdas)
 - montage (Vertov)
 - ethnography (Kenya Boran/Takeover/Reassemblage)
 - home movies (Daughter Rite)
 - oppression, crime, social decay (Vernon, FL/Harlan County)
 - war documentaries (War at Home - done on WUniversity/Madison film department)
 - propaganda (Are We Winning the War Mommy?/ Atomic Cafe)
Hope that helps some, lemme know if specifics are needed.
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