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March 1995, Week 2


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Mon, 13 Mar 1995 13:13:29 CST
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gee...I've never heard a grip called a snob...I've been called MANY
things...but never a snob....of course, I usually a Gaffer, and we all know
the difference between a Grip and a Gaffer... many little time....
I guess what I'm trying to get through to the Analysts out there is that they
should show up on a set some day and whtch the actual goings-on. Yeah, we
create mood with shot selection, Lighting, and design elements, but do we sit
there and make some grandiose, over-intellectual decisions? No. Maybe
sub-coniously, we're thinking of some meaning in what we're doing, but one of
the previous posters had it right when he said we're usually just trying to
get it in the can.
Now this of course, doen't include the editing process, which, I don't need
to tell all you students of the craft, can COMPLETELY determine the way a
finished product looks and feels. If I had to say where and when such
cotenplative thought about maening takes place, it would be in pre-pro &
post, but NOT on the set. Too many times we've seen editors totally reverse a
DP's thought process in how the story was being told through images. That's
why there are so many "director's cuts" out there.
Again, the problem I have with this whole analysis-thing (kinda like that
"vision-thing") is that it gets over done by people that are not participants
in the MAKING process. Granted, the audience is the reason we do what we do,
but they don't participate in the construction...Being on a set, helping out,
seeing how a film is actually made would make anyone a better analysist, just
like shooting makes me a better gaffer, an editing makes me a better shooter.
Knowing as MUCH about the ENTIRE process makes for better understanding of
the medium, and in turn...and deep, hidden, messages.
Me, MEAN? yeah, well...I guess it's that distinction between those that Do
and those that watch.....sorry...just my own humble opinion from "below the
Oh more thing...everytime I see "Melissa Tonelli" my mind does a
quick synapse firing and I keep thinking I see "Marissia Tomei"...a little
funny that keeps me sane.
See ya in the funny pictures
[        Mike Sime      ] It's not the time it takes to
[    Video Schmideo! ]
take the takes, it's the time it
[[log in to unmask]] takes BETWEEN the takes, that
[[log in to unmask] ] takes the time to take the takes.
PS take 2-If you spent so much time shooting instaed of reading in school,
you know that 1) the above statement is immensley true, and that 2) you learn
more about this biz from doing it, not from reading ABOUT it......