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November 1994


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Jeremy Butler <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 1 Nov 1994 09:13:54 CST
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Is SCREEN-L mail getting to be a little too much for your mailbox?
Is other LISTSERV (the software that runs SCREEN-L and many other
discussion groups) mail overwhelming you?
It has only recently come to my attention that LISTSERV's "index" option
has been improved and offers users a simple way to order *only* the
SCREEN-L messages you want.
If you set your SCREEN-L subscription to INDEX, you will receive a daily listing
of all the messages that appear on SCREEN-L.  Yesterday's INDEX looked like this
(in part):
Index Date  Size Poster and subject
----- ----  ---- ------------------
08792 10/31   11 From:    MISSY PRICE <[log in to unmask]>
                 Subject: Interracial Couples
08793 10/31    1 From:    Melissa Davis <[log in to unmask]>
                 Subject: Re: Job position-CHAIR
08794 10/31    6 From:    Gary Fuchs <[log in to unmask]>
                 Subject: Re: McGuffin
As you can see, the INDEX tells you who sent the message in (its "poster") and
the message's subject and size.  It provides an index number (the far left
column) that you can then use to order the full text of a specific message.
The method you use to order (or, in LISTSERV terms, "print") a message is
explained in each INDEX (see below).  Basically, you send mail to either of the
following addresses:
[log in to unmask]
[log in to unmask]
And you indicate the number of the message you want.  If your mail system allows
you to quote a message when you reply, this is particularly simple.  Otherwise,
you forward a message to [log in to unmask] your request in a format
that LISTSERV understands.
For folks that have to pay by the message or whose mailbox is crammed to
capacity, INDEX offers a mostly painless way to stay in touch with SCREEN-L
without having to wade through each and every message.
To change your subscription to INDEX, do *not* merely REPLY to this message and
do *not* send mail to [log in to unmask]  Instead, address mail to
[log in to unmask] and put the following in the first line of the message:
set screen-l index
Problems?  Let me know.
  Jeremy Butler                                  [log in to unmask]
  SCREEN-L Coordinator                         [log in to unmask]
  Telecommunication & Film Dept. * University of Alabama * Tuscaloosa
Info on ordering messages--from INDEX:
The sizes shown are the number of lines in the messages, not counting mail
headers. For your convenience, this message has been specially formatted to
make it easier to order the messages you are interested in. Just forward this
message back to LISTSERV@UA1VM (or [log in to unmask]) and fill in the line
starting with "Print" (if there is not enough space, you can add more lines as
long as you type "Print" on each new line). Make sure to use the forward
command of your mail program, not the normal reply function. There is a lot
more the LISTSERV database functions can do for you - for instance, you can
select all the messages with a particular subject in a single command rather
than retyping all the index numbers. For more information, send an INFO
DATABASE command to LISTSERV (you could add it before the line that says
"Database search" the next time you order messages from the LISTSERV archive).
Another method which could be more convenient, depending on the mail program
you are using, is to reply to this message while including the original text,
just like when you are replying to a normal message and want to quote what your
correspondent said. Before sending the message, delete the lines corresponding
to the items you are not interested in, and make sure your reply is being sent
to "[log in to unmask]", NOT to "[log in to unmask]". Note
that this may not work with all mail programs; the first method is more
//       JOB
Database search DD=Orders
//Orders DD *
Select * in SCREEN-L.8791-8829
Print <type the numbers of the messages you want here>
//       EOJ