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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Sat, 13 Apr 91 13:47:34 EST
Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
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>>  "Y'all were doing religious theology in a screen studies zone (re Campbell
>>  and anti-semitism).  Let's move it along now, citizen."
>>  P.S.  If anybody's interested in the representation of Jews in film/TV or
>>  related topics then let's get into it...
[following excerpted]
>I suppose this is a good-natured attempt to maintain list focus, but I would
>ask that you not dismiss discussions of racism and anti-Semitism as religious
>theology.  Hatred of Jews because of their ethnicity is not the same
>discussion as Jewish customs, laws or beliefs.  As someone whose dissertation
>deals with Jews, anti-Semitism and the American media before 1940, I can tell
>you how necessary it is to educate people about anti-Semitism and racism in a
>variety of contexts.  By marginalizing these kinds of discussions, do we not
>implicitly condone the attitudes and behavior of those who hate?
>Radically yours,
>Steve Carr
   Uh, excuse me, Steve (and Ben) while I leap to Joltin' Jeremy's
defense here.  The discussion of Campbell's alleged anti-semitism
>had< wandered into theology, since it was Campbell's hostility to the
Judaeo-Christian theological and mythological traditions that gave
rise to the views at issue.  In any case, anti-Semitism and the
media--your subject, I gather, Steve--is precisely what Jeremy wanted
to nudge that increasingly sterile discussion toward.  This list is,
after all, about film and TV, right?  So great, let's go to it; I'd
like to hear more about your dissertation.  But it is outrageously,
inexcusably unfair to suggest--as you do--that our faithful list-founder
"condones" hatred of Jews because he wants to remind us that SCREEN-L
is here so that we can explore the relationship of this and other
important subjects to (you guessed it) >film and TV<.  Yes, it is
necessary to discuss racism and anti-Semitism (and many other things)
in "a variety of contexts."  This particular context happens to
be the media, OK?  And if, now and then, in the heat of discussion,
we ignore or forget that context altogether, it's perfectly proper and
helpful for Jeremy, or anyone else, to point out that out.