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April 1995, Week 3


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BARS Film Studio <[log in to unmask]>
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Wed, 19 Apr 1995 10:38:13 CDT
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Cal Pryluck, Radio-Television-Film, Temple University, Philadelphia
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Dear friends and colleagues,
First of all, let me introduce our studio. Bars Media, founded in 1993,
is an independent  non-profit documentary film production studio,
is located in Yerevan, the capital city of the Republic of Armenia.
Using state-of-the-art production equipment and advanced editing
techniques, we make short and full length documentary video films
and other visual formats covering the human dimensions of a region
experiencing the horrors of war, environmental  problems,  ethnic
struggles and the quest for human dignity.
These projects reflect our primary mission: to broaden understanding
of  humanitarian issues at stake in an era of uncharted change.
Human rights and peaceful conflict resolution are guiding principles
behind the projects we initiate and the assignments we undertake for
 like-minded organisations, individuals, news services and
independent journalists.
As the history of the post-Soviet era unfolds in both tragic and
triumphal directions, Bars Media is uniquely situated and equipped
to illuminate, educate, inform and inspire all concerned organisations
and individuals through the power of the visual media. We do not
cover political issues -- our  priorities are human issues.
Staffed by filmmakers and journalists with extensive professional
experience and first - hand exposure to the catastrophic events
resulting from the dissolution of the Soviet Union, our studio
houses the latest in office and video film production technology;
primarily the Betacam SP Format for shooting and editing.
We offer an AT&T phone line, and fax and photo transmission
via Macintosh technology.  We are well positioned to take an
in-depth  look at the human side of the war in Nagorno-Karabagh
and the socio-economic circumstances of the region.  Staff and
crew are available for consultations, joint projects, or long term
development efforts.
Being newly-born structure, we are very interested in establishing
contacts with our colleagues and individuals interested in our field
of activities. That is why in our message to all subscribers, we
would like to ask some questions of great importance
to us.  We hope to receive answers either from the network
or directly to our e-mail address.  I would be happy to discuss
any of these issues in more detail.
ESTABLISHING CONTACTS:  We are trying to establish contacts
(preferably, by e-mail) with film, video or TV studios. We are
interested in co-ordinated production of films, programs, human
interest stories in reference to human rights, prisoners of war,
refugees, children and women in war and other humanitarian
problems; as well as environmental and ethnographical films.
Could anyone send us the required information or assist in
receiving it?
COPRODUCTION: We are ready and would be happy to discuss
any possibilities of co-operation and co-production with all
interested studios, organizations and individuals.
VOLUNTEERS NEEDED:  One of the weak points in our  work is the
lack of experienced managers and persons skilled in organizing the
work of a studio.  This is especially  evident when we try to work
in the market outside Armenia. Having  a well educated, highly
professional staff in producing films, we face serious problems in
their marketing, distribution and in organizing the studio's work.
The latter problem is connected mostly with the difference of
working standards between the closed TV space of the former
USSR and the boundless expanse of the world film and video market we
were forced to enter after the collapse of the USSR. In this expanse,
despite its small dimensions,  our studio is trying not to sink and
even to swim. That is why we are trying to find a brave and
enthusiastic media and management-oriented person from the West
who will agree to work with us.  In short, we need a volunteer.
Let me explain our conditions for those who display potential
interest. Our financial capabilities are enough to pay the travel
expenses, lodging and a small salary, plus percentage from
selling the ready production. Knowledge of Armenian or Russian
is not obligatory. The most important for us is the ability to be a
self-motivated person, interested to work in  the fields mentioned
above, and someone who welcomes the freedom and opportunity
to help our fledgling studio grow.
We are quite sure that the combining of approaches and  different
points of would will guarantee beneficial results.  We will be
happy to discuss the details with an interested persons.
We would be also be grateful if any subscribers could share with
us information about organizations and/or funds that
can send a professional or finance such an undertaking.
I hope that you'll answer and we'll have better understanding  of each other.
With best wishes,
Vardan Hovhanessian / [log in to unmask]