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January 1994


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James McIntyre <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 23 Jan 1994 08:48:34 -0600
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List of Video Sources-----
Where can I find  ys movie?
   Every year I receive letters from readers of the Roger Ebert Movie Hom    *
eanatc who complain they r E't Eni
d many titles anaheir local candeo stores.
Although man wommunities have stores that take pride in the  Syrngeterstheir
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  locps instead of       *
  tending themanye pidea little.
u  t is possible, howes m, to rent or buy canrtually le,ery one re deousands
insre ctiron tape and laserdisc. Updated and expanddafor 1994osseret Es a lrti
inscomp Mo'tthat , tt or seltle thatoeUR mail. Ma.
Aerym  woy ooll-I ree 800
numreads and accept credit cmar s yre@ers ft-one. Most of them issue
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 arM of 'tUnlimited, andd alliat canr mainsm ir cosd
a Facethind for
hard-toI rein mainChreignrd-specialyzda
elete Gne suircweS Gial   *
 est anahs. This massryseven- hunail dd-page
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 Ebt Emproveegnthow Syrvel, y,sic, one.tog Syrt-phpe apriy cgerd-sibrd-so. You
r E re le throustos f suog r acu cmweobtain , ntho Dolahi      *
>r lotit
dealer. It's $19.95 frec alotegs Roreadt Publisl,g, 35lac  East Inland Empire
 Blvd.r uOntarcati, CA 91764.
toIce mainC Ro thato. 1517 W. FulJe vto    *
el ChicaearI, IL 6061Je vtd-he n ynnubly yadipri
te eGnlisearI,in andde
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ra w that
ndie insAegrican filmail ddQy cmanyey . m cNOGteria;-tI rei loso'tnot oph
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rarec iterpdg ogsg ($7, 35l;-lisl2 shipultpri) hokthe ommuU, jeiircw of
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 Gtgand rdisc
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dy oh 6-00
0-331-6197s m,ar in Il-inthe oChr?
2-M oe
HsicFera-tn-expeial. P.O. Box 2032, Scranad, PA 1850ger 352, i notNOGginal
, tt-UR-gerl peopis po  losoth ape arideselec33atc dthemit 3a that , tt at $6zd
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ilMser. c/o Stet-imrMcGouldicic j,420 4be Ave Ro f trd-,hle2-, tt t $00
$6. A latnsestter
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