Hi there,

> Thanks for you input, but how do you get pmail to set the mail for
> internet mailing.  Below you will see the header i get.

Well, SMTPOP uses a User Defined Gateway setup for that. I
called it the SMTPOP12 Gateway, with the following settings:

New Mail path: \mail
Is ^ a program to run?: N
New mail search mask: *.CNM
Outgoing mail path: C:\MAIL
Run for outgoing mail: (no entry)
Filename format: ~d~d.MSG
Run to validate address: (no entry)
Reply address: [log in to unmask]
Accept SMTP addresses: Y
Simple message headers: 'Glue' headers
UUEncode attachments: Y
Burst messages: Y
Strip gateway name: Y
Force all mail through: Y

In this configuration, all my mail will be handled through the
directory C:\MAIL - you may want to alter that. Messages I receive
via SMTPOP (see the docs for the configuration - if it remains
unclear I might just create a web-page for the setup with CRYNWR
drivers) are left as *.CNM messages (so PMail recognises them as
new mail) and outgoing messages are left as *.MSG files by the
above UDG. Further processing of any *.MSG is then left to

> Also how do you email out the .cnm extention,  do you if it
> can be changed?   I need the *.out

Take the above UDG and replace the "Filename format" entry with
~d~d.OUT and you'll get messages with the extension OUT placed
in your mail directory.

As you can see, you can even have different directories for
incoming and outgoing mails.

To configure your UDG, use PCONFIG.

> Could you be very step by step on your setup?

It looks to me, as if you havent's set up your UDG correctly. I
followed the instructions that come with SMTPOP very carefully,
and it worked first time around.

On my old 286 I'm using the NE2000 driver from the CRYNWR
package, on the just as old 386SX Laptop of mine (an old IBM
L40SX) I use DOSPPPD and an old Zoltrix external modem. I'm
using a fixed IP address I got assigned from my ISP on a specific
modem and haven't had the time yet to play with BOOTP yet, but if
there's any need...

> Thanks
> Gary