Films on Asia
Join us for these enjoyable films and learn about Asia!

Alston Hall 30 (behind Bidgood)
7:00 pm

2/5: Milarepa In a time of magicians, yogis, and saints, this movie follows a young
Milarepa in his journey to become Tibet's greatest yogi and saint.

2/17: Salaam Bombay With barely enough money for a third class ticket to
Bombay, Krishna soon finds himself sleeping in alleys with his new "world-wise" friends
while doing the bidding of a drug kingpin/pimp, whose latest task is "taming" an abducted
16-year-old into prostitution.

2/19: The King of Masks The tale of an elderly, Chinese "King of Masks" who
desires to pass on his art. But after purchasing a boy from the Black Market, the old man
is in for a difficult decision in dealing with his new heir's secret.

3/2: The Terrorist Malli, a freedom fighter from India, struggles with her
psychological and spiritual journey as she carries on with her suicide mission to kill a VIP.

3/12: Hero A Zhang Yimou movie.
The most expensive Chinese film in history,
based on the legendary Jing Ke (by Jet Li) more than two thousand years ago.

4/2: Kundun Story about His Holiness Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet,
who was forced into exile in 1959, nine years after China's invasion of Tibet.

4/9: Saving Face A winning offbeat romantic comedy.
This story is about a young
Chinese-American surgeon as she deals with her unwed mother's pregnancy, and the
obligations of her dancer girlfriend, Vivian.

4/14: Dreaming Lhasa Karma, a Tibetan-American filmmaker, sets out on a
journey of self-discovery as she films her documentary on escaped political prisoners
from Tibet, only to discover that she must confront her own fractured past.

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