The Indian movie club was instrumental in bringing Slumdog Millionaire to the Cobb theaters. Here are some details...

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Date: Sun, Jan 18, 2009 at 11:39 AM

Please remember that the Cobb Theatre is bringing Slumdog Jan.23 it will run as long
as there are people coming, many of us are planning on going Friday to the later
show  the showtimes will come out Tuesday and we are also planning on meeting at
SITAR for dinner around 7:00pm the manager of the Cobb is saying I can pick up tickets in the morning
so if any of you want me to pick up your tickets let me know either by e-mail or call me.
Also several people are trying to form a music club for those interested the first program will
be tentatively Feb.14, we announce details soon!
The movieclub next movie will be Billu Barber and Delhi 6 following.

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