I can help you setup a packet driver interface under dos.  I think you will
need that in order to use the dos version of Pegasus Mail.   A packet driver
interface can be setup by using:

1/ epppd (a dos port of the unix pppd utility) if you want to dial into a
network using a modem from the dos machine or

2/ an ethernet packet driver (specific to your network card) if you want to
connect a dos machine into an ethernet/tcp network

I am the maintainer of FDSMTPOP which is a mail delivery agent for
downloading/uploading mail over
a packet driver interface.   FDSMTPOP is a replacement for PMPOP which is
often used as a delivery agent in conjunction with Pegasus but which does
not accommodate SMTP authentication protocols which are in place on most
SMTP servers these days.

FDSMTPOP was originally the work of Yuri Semenov (the FreeDOS Project) which
I have modified to accommodate SMTP server authentication requirements).

John Zappe
Portland, Maine, USA

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Subject: Re: Multiple Identities

> On 21 Nov 2004 at 11:28, Han van den Bogaerde wrote about:
>  Re: Multiple Identities
> > On 21 Nov 2004 at 10:16, Jeff Deacon wrote about
> > "Multiple Identities":
> >
> > > Am I correct in believing that the only way to handle multiple
> > > identities in PM DOS is to create multiple users? If so, has anyone
> > > any thoughts on this conundrum ...
> >
> > I think you are right in the good old 3.50 or 3.50a dos versions.... But
but but you
> > are using the 4.21c windows version, which has much more options to deal
> > this.
> Yes I am aware that my using 4.21c (or later, when it becomes
> available) gives me lots of opportunities to manage the situation
> much more easily.  In fact, I already make extensive use of the
> facility in 4.21 for one user to have many identities.
> However, for (almost) the fun of it, I have set myself the challenge
> of delivering all my current uses of a PC using a DOS platform. Of
> course Pegasus Mail for DOS is my first choice of email program.  And
> if anyone has any information it will be very welcome.
> Perhaps we have become so addicted to Windoze that we have forgotten
> about the alternatives.  On the other hand, who has any results with
> PM Win working with Wine?
> > > This mail to this email address is delivered along with umpteen
> > > others when I sign on to the POP server.  Some of those addresses I
> > > wish to treat generally, others need differing and specific identities
> > > for reply (it helps to keep the customers feel special). After the one
> > > enormous download (well I live in hope that somebody will email me now
> > > and again!) how can I automatically split/filter the mail amongst the
> > > differing users, using existing tools?  Or will this require that my
> > > (lack of) qbasic programming skill become blatantly obvious?
> >
> > In the 4.21c you need to make a basic decision either to use multiple
users, or
> > identities in one user, or both.
> >