I still use PMAIL for DOS.

In a 80286 with 1Mby with a hercules yellow monitor and in a 586.

I like it so much because it does not need a mouse; that keeps me
from using Windows regulary.

I have read more than 40.000 mails in the last 4 years without a
single problem.

If you look at my headers, you'll see that I have version 3.51.
I modified version 3.50, so that I can read usenet news, downloaded
with the program Minuet.exe, in the notice board.

On 22 Nov 02 at 13:43, Carl P. Nelson wrote:

> -Am I the last surviving user of PEGASUS-for-DOS?
> Carl P. Nelson      [log in to unmask]

The command-line interface is a vestige of an era of macho computing.

Ing. Alejandro Lieber
Rosario  Argentina