Reading messages with DOS PMail downloaded with NETMAIL PRO

Netmail Pro is a very small program that includes under one .exe file
a Dos dialer, complete PPP implementation, POP3 download and SMTP

It can be downloaded from Simtelnet at:


Messages are downloaded to individual files named:

MAIL0001.IN , MAIL0002.IN , ......

These files cannot be read by PMAIL because their first line is
a blank line.

The .IN extension must also be changed to .CNM

I have writen a small batch file that:

a)- Replaces the first blank line with a message.
b)- Renames .IN files to .CNM files.
c)- Copies these files to your subdirectory under C:\PMAIL\
d)- Deletes the original files.

The batch file is: NET2PM.BAT:

for %%r in (*.in) do ren %%r *.
for %%c in (*.) do copy HEAD.TXT + %%c c:\pmail\mymail\%%c.cnm
for %%d in (*.) do del %%d

HEAD.TXT is a file with only one line like:

Downloaded by NetMail

........but.....: this line must not finish with a CR or LF.

To create it type:
Downloaded by Netmail
After the last letter do a Ctrl Z (do not press ENTER).

NetMail.exe can work in it's own directory or in PMAIL's.

I am also trying to write a batch file to send messages written with

The command-line interface is a vestige of an era of macho computing.

Ing. Alejandro Lieber
Rosario  Argentina