Hi All,

Now I'm tuning Pegasus Mail for Dos in standalone configuration and
have some problem with sending 8-bit messages.
I put pm-lmtt.res file to Pegasus Mail directory to enable Cyrillic
alphabet and correct "default MIME character set" in pmail.ini.
Headers of my messages are:

Content-type: text/plain; charset=KOI8-R
Content-transfer-encoding: Quoted-printable

But I will allow 8-bit message, because it is practically standard of
russian e-mail, and some programs can't read "quoted-printable" text.
I change pmail.ini:

Allow 8bit MIME data (!discouraged!)      = Y

but it isn't work. My messages stays "quoted-printable" instead
What I did wrong? Help me please!

  Anton                      mailto: [log in to unmask]