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"Julia C. Rice" <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 3 Mar 1999 21:02:25 +0000
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Hi Leo,

Leo Enticknap wrote:

> On Thu, 25 Feb 1999 10:40:30 -0000 "Julia C. Rice"
> Hi Julia,
> Another reason why the title had to be changed was that the original film title
> (And that of Compton Mackenzie's novel upon which it was based) had no 'e' in
> whisky - i.e. the liquid involved was Scotch whisky, which uses malt as the
> base (either one variety, which is known as a single malt, e.g. Glenfiddich
> or Talisker, or a blend, e.g. Bells or Teacher's) and is spelt without an 'e',
> as opposed to bourbon, which has rye and/or barley as the base, and is spelt
> whiskey (the main difference is that bourbon is a lot sweeter).

Obviously a whisky connoisseur ;-))
I promise never to use an *e* with so little thought in future..... if Irish Whisky
is spelt with an *e* that might explain my error ;-))

> According to
> Charles Barr's book on Ealing, the distributors thought that American audiences
> would think that the original title contained a spelling error and thus decided
> to change it altogether.

This explanation actually makes more sense for the changing of the title....  (as a
friend reminded me) prohibition had actually finished  in the U.S. by the mid
thirties however I have read (George Perry, 1981, *Forever Ealing* if memory serves
me right) that it was felt that the US audiences ( in the same way that British
audiences had no wish to be reminded about the war so soon after the event) would
not want to see a film that reminded them of the prohibition.

> L
> P.S. Now that the Euros are going to get rid of duty free, I think it's high
> time another boatload of the stuff met a rocky end, preferably on the south
> Devon coast...

If that boatload of whisky actually does meet with a rocky end on the South Devon
coast (or preferably the Welsh coast) and it happens to also have a supply of
*Chanel No.5* let me know by email and I'll borrow a friends boat and help you get
the stuff ashore ;-)))

btw do you have any idea where I can get a copy of Disney's *White Wilderness*
(1958).... you know the one with the *suicidal* lemming?

take care,


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