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November 1998, Week 4


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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Steve Smith <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 24 Nov 1998 12:16:56 -0500
Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
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We sell videos in PAL format and you can order them by email from me.  All
the following titles are in PAL and English, and many are in other languages
and formats.  If you would like a hard copy of our catalog, please email me
your mailing address.  Or you could see our WWW site.
Steve Smith
DSR, Inc
6679-P Santa Barbara Rd
Elkridge, MD 21075, USA
[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> <>
800 875 0037 x 108
410 540 4008 (direct)
fax: 410 579 8412
from DSR, Inc
6679-P Santa Barbara Road
Elkridge, MD 21075  USA
Tel: 410-579-4508
Fax: 410-579-8412
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Please see our web page for more information on our videos:
Prices:  A US$15 discount per video is available to African agencies or
African individuals living in Africa without outside donor support
"Africa Features": Africa - En, 55 minutes, US$39.95 (environmental
"AIDS: A Race Against Time": Worldwide - En, 27 min, US$39.95 (AIDS
"AIDS: Life at Stake": Kenya - En, 37 min, US$39.95 (AIDS drama)
"Beyond the Plains": Tanzania - En, 53 min, US$59.95 (Maasai)
"Blood and Sand": Western Sahel - En, 57 min, US$79.95 (conflict)
"Born in Africa": Uganda - En, Fr, Sw, 90 min, US$69.95 (AIDS drama)
"Breaking the Silence": Southern Africa - En, 56 min, US$79.95 (AIDS support
"Can Tropical Rainforests Be Saved?": Cameroon/Costa Rica/Brazil - En, 119
min, US$39.95 (rainforest issues)
"Chain of Tears": Mozambique/Angola - En, 52 min, US$39.95 (conflict and
"Challenges in AIDS Counselling": Zambia - En, Fr, 25 min, US$79.95 (AIDS
counsellor training)
"Clean Hands and Face": Kenya  - En, Sw, 15 min, US$39.95 (hand washing
"Clean and Strong Teeth": Kenya - En, Sw, 16 min, US$39.95 (teeth cleaning
"Consequences": Zimbabwe - En, Fr, Sw, Sh, Nd, Se, Zu, 54 min, US$69.95
(teenage pregnancy drama)
"Developing Strategies": Tanzania/Uganda/Zimbabwe - En, 56 min, US$39.95
(educational model programs)
"Don't Cry, Child of Africa": Kenya - Swahili w/English subtitles, 42
minutes, US$49.95 (streetkids)
"The Dream Becomes a Reality": Eritrea - En, 45 min, US$49.95 (women
liberation fighters)
"Endangered Species": Africa - En, 102 min, US$39.95 (wildlife)
"Everyone's Child":  Zimbabwe - En, 90 min, US$59.95 (for individuals,
organizations in USA); US$195 (for universities); US$89.95 (PAL overseas);
(AIDS orphans)
"The Faces of AIDS": Cameroon/Zimbabwe - En, Fr, Sw, Vn, 20 min, US$39.95
(People with AIDS)
"Facilitation - Techniques in Training": Zimbabwe - En, 55 min, US$79.95
(leadership training)
"Fields of Trees": Zambia, Uganda, Peru, Indonesia - En, Fr, 31 min,
US$39.95 (environment/agroforestry)
"Fragile Riches": Zimbabwe - En, 34 min, US$39.95 (importance of trees)
"Fraud & Corruption":  Zimbabwe - En, 30 min, US$59.95 (training officials)
"George and Sheila": Vanuatu - En, 46 min, US$49.95 (spouse abuse drama)
"Goldtooth": Animation - En, Fr, Sw, 27 min, US$39.95 (drug abuse drama)
"The Hard Edge": Zambesi River Basin - En, 27 min, US$39.95 (conservation
"Harvest the Rain": Kenya - En, 17 min, US$39.95 (rainwater in agriculture)
"HIV/AIDS Counselling: The TASO Experience": Uganda - En, Fr, Sw, 30 min,
US$59.95 (AIDS counselling)
"Images of HIV/AIDS Around the World": Worldwide - En, 23 min, US$59.95 (112
AIDS spots)
"Into Africa...A Case Study of USAID in Kenya": Kenya - En, 56 min, US$39.95
(USAID programs)
"It's Not Easy": Uganda - En, Fr, Sw, Si, Lu, Zu, 48 min, US$69.95 (AIDS in
the workplace drama)
"Jit": Zimbabwe - En, 92 minutes, US$69.95 (cultural comedy)
"Just a Little Germ": Papua New Guinea - En, 21 min, US$49.95 (malaria
"Just a Little Party": Papua New Guinea - En, 20 min, US$49.95 (alcohol
abuse drama)
"Just a Little Playing Around": Papua New Guinea - En, 20 min, US$49.95
(AIDS relationships drama)
"Just a Little Race": Papua New Guinea - En, 16 min, US$49.95 (nutrition
"Just a Little Smoke": Papua New Guinea - En, 20 min, US$49.95 (tobacco use
"Karate Kids": Animation - En, Fr, Sw, Lu, Ar, Ny, Sh, 22 min, US$39.95
(streetkids/AIDS drama)
"Kasis Road": Vanuatu - En, 90 min, US$69.95 (teenage pregnancy/family
"Khulumani-Speak Out": South Africa - En, 26 min, US$69.95 (violence &
"Like Any Other Lovers": Vanuatu - En, 54 min, US$39.95 (AIDS relationships
"Living With Drought": Niger/Kenya - En, 49 min, US$39.95 (responses to
"More Time": Zimbabwe - En, Se, Sw, 90 min, US$79.95 (teenagers/AIDS drama)
"Mwanasikana": Zimbabwe - En, 40 min, US$39.95 (womens' issues/education)
"Neria": Zimbabwe - En, Sw, Po, 103 min, US$79.95 (widows' rights drama)
"Offence Like Assault":  Kenya - En, 12 min, US$49.95 (spouse abuse drama)
"The Orphan Generation": Uganda - En, Fr, Sw, 50 min, US$79.95 (AIDS
"Pacific Star":  Vanuatu - En, 46 min, US$59.95 (development issues drama)
"Perspectives on Violence":  South Africa - En, 90 min, US$79.95 (violence &
"Praying for Rain": Zimbabwe - En, 54 min, US$79.95 (Zimbabwe success story)
"Put Yourself In Her Shoes": Zambia - En, Fr, 30 min, US$79.95
(Post-Abortion counselling)
"Rabi": Burkina Faso - En, 61 min, US$39.95 (cultural environment drama)
"Rivers of Sand": Mali - En, 53 min, US$39.95 (drought solutions)
"Root 1": Kenya - Swahili w/English subtitles, 52 min, US$49.95 (streetkids)
"Saikati": Kenya - Swahili w/English subtitles, 90 min, US$79.95 (womens'
"Sex, Lemurs and Holes in the Sky": Madagascar/Manhattan - En, 52 min,
US$39.95 (lifestyle comparison)
"Side by Side: Women Against AIDS in Zimbabwe": - En, Sh, Nd, 50 min,
US$39.95 (Women and AIDS drama)
"South Africa - The Waste Land": South Africa - En, 52 min, US$39.95
(Apartheid's environmental impact)
"A Special Drink for Diarrhea": Kenya - En, 9 min, US$39.95 (ORT drama)
"Stepping Stones Workshop Video": Uganda - En, Fr, Sw, Lu, 70 min, US$69.95,
training manual US$22.00 (AIDS/gender issues)
"Things We Don't Talk About": Vanuatu - En, 46 min, US$49.95 (disabled
persons in a village setting)
"Une Conversation": Senegal - Fr/En, 20 min, US$39.95 (AIDS opinions)
"Vukani Mukai Awakening": Zimbabwe - En, 27 min, US$39.95 (womens' groups
and training)
"Wandering Warrior": Kenya/USA - En, 57 min, US$69.95 (Maasai/cultural)
"The Whisper": Zimbabwe - En, 58 min, US$39.95 (womens' issues)
"Whom Do I Turn To?": Kenya - En, 28 min, US$39.95 (teenage pregnancy drama)
"Witness to Apartheid": South Africa - En, 58 min, US$79.95 (exposing
"The Women Will: Wanawake Watatunza": Kenya - En, 30 min, US$39.95 (womens'
groups and training)
Ar = Arabic
En = English
Fr = French
Fr/En = French w/English subtitles
Lu = Luganda
Nd = Ndebele
Ny = Nyanja
Po = Portuguese
Se = Setswana
Sh = Shona
Si = siSwati
Sw = Swahili
Vn = Vietnamese
Zu = Zulu
*  Synopses, awards lists and full information available by title on request
*  Many videos are available with poster, discussion guide, workbook,
broadcaster's guide, flyer, photonovela, trailer, t-shirt and/or soundtrack
audio tape/CD
*  All available in VHS PAL and all French titles in VHS SECAM; some in VHS
NTSC, 16mm or 35mm
*  Available for African distribution and some titles in other territories
as well
*  Broadcast rights available for most titles
*  Evaluation and distribution studies available free
*  Prices subject to change without notice
- Call for FREE catalog -
Zoran Sudar <[log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]> > is
interested in finding one...
So am I...
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Date:   Sun, 22 Nov 1998 18:50:59 -0800
Via:    Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]
<mailto:[log in to unmask]> >
From:   Zoran Sudar <[log in to unmask]
<mailto:[log in to unmask]> >
Subject:        PAL video
To:     [log in to unmask] <mailto:[log in to unmask]>
I'm looking for an online video store that sells PAL format. Any ideas?
Thank you!
Zoran Sudar
Online resources for film/TV studies may be found at ScreenSite