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October 1996, Week 4


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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Mark Devlin <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 22 Oct 1996 12:29:39 +-100
Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
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Ok pre-firstly, don't know if it's a short or a feature length.  A short is
obviously a lot easier to do and a lot easier to find outlets for -
festivals etc.  Then again doing a feature will attract people to help.
 Anyway I might concentrate on feature stuff here but I think it goes for
Firstly Rob got to say - do it!  Definiteley do it!  Don't listen to anyone
who says that a video feature has no outlets etc.  There aren't many but
there are a few.  However that shouldn't be the reason for doing it.
 Screenplays are an incomplete art form, they're only realised when they're
acted out and recorded on video or film.  Just go for it.  You'll be amazed
at how much fun it can be - also how much hard work and how much of a pain
in the ass - but at the end of it you'll have a feature you can say you
made.  And there are few enough people who can claim an achievement like
that.  And if it's shit don't worry - I guarrantee the next one will be
better - you can't help but learn through the process.
Ok advice stuff....
Film look - nope video will look very different and film looking is way
expensive.  I also feel it's advisable to shoot video on a subject which
has some connection to the form i.e. domestic home video drama or whatever.
 That said make your period drama or sci-fi epic, do it on video and you'll
still have one film more than critics who complain about a lack of quality
Ok actors, now it's very unlikely you're going to discover the next DeNiro,
but you never know.  The important thing is to get people who are
enthusiastic about the project.  It takes a helluva commitment to finish
any film and when there's no monetary recompense involved you have to
subsitute other things.  Following Robert Rodriguez's maxim small is good.
 The fewer people you have onboard the easier it is to manage.  His crew
for El Mariachi was basically him and Carlos Gallardo (the Mariachi)
everybody came and went.  That said help is always a good thing.
 Enthusiastic amateurs may not be the most skillful but they may be all you
get.  Consider using people who can double up and help out as crew as well
as cast.
Big thing!  Making a film is a lot different from writing a screenplay.
 You're going to have to consider other people's opinions especially if you
want to keep them onboard.  Letting people have an input into the outcome
of the film dillutes your control but may make them more likely to stick
with it.  I don't know about New Jersey but in Scotland most people are
either enamoured by the idea of being in a film or scared.  You can go to
drama groups and get people, universities, even small talent agencies have
people who'll do turns for free if it doesn't get in the way of a paying
job - they all want the exposure.
Umm... that's all for now.
Good luck
From:   Rob Yengst[SMTP:[log in to unmask]]
Sent:   20 October 1996 17:27
To:     Multiple recipients of list SCREEN-L
Subject:        Writing a screenplay... Central Jersey
 I'm currently working on a screenplay. It's a great story.(as if I haven't
told myself that many times in the past....) Anyway, through the years I've
written other screenplays, but this one I'd like to do something with....As
far as filming it, no way, I don't have the budget. I do, on the other
hand, have access to video equipment. I know it's impossible to get that
warm film look, but in my case getting it on video would be better than not
getting it done at all...
 This is where my problems begin. I need to lock in a handful of "actors".
On my small budget, I'm only going to be able to use local talent/ when
they're available. It makes things very difficult, but I'm sure I'll be
able to work with them.
 Any suggestions, comments, or interests please respond.
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