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June 1996, Week 2


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Mon, 10 Jun 1996 08:59:07 GMT
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From:   John DuQuette
        REEL Trading
 1 800 575 REEL
Page Me Anytime: 860 948 3821
Is your Krasnogorsk-3 a bitch to load?  Does it scratch your film?
Jam far too often?  I guarantee you that underlying these persistent
and annoying problem area lies the excellent camera value that you
were hoping for when you bought it, not only usable but capable of
hassle-free shoots and excellent results.
Almost all K-3 problems stem from the film transport assembly and its
ill-conceived auto-load feature.  The inconsistencies (among K-3's)
that you have heard about or maybe have experienced are almost always
related to this area.  The PRO upgrade from Reel trading
eliminates these problems by modifying, remachining, and calibrating
the  film transport assembly.  Surface to film contact is drastically
reduced, and all areas that remain in contact with your film are
polished far in excess of their original finish.  Customers that have
had this process done include Brown University, Ultra Video Production
of Chicago, University of California at Santa Barbara, Towson State
College in Maryland and many independent DPs and film makers.  Other
clients include UNC, Cornell, Rutgers, UMCommunications in Nashville,
Piedmont College, Run AndGun Productions, Maverick Films, and more.
We can also balance the mirror if needed. $40 extra.  (This needed
only if image wobbles as you shoot, not too common, but occasionally
If you would like your K-3 to live up to it's full potential, send us
the body of your K-3 along with a check or money order to Reel Trading
for $150.00 plus $15.00 for return shipping, insured.
If you live in NYC give us a call and you can drop it by.
If your camera is broken (aside from problems fixed by upgrade) we can
fix most any problem, usually for about $100 with parts, sometimes
Send your camera(s) to:
Attn: Luke Geissbuhler
12 East 22nd St. Unit 2E
New York, NY 10010
Cameras, Upgrades and Conversions
K-3 Pro Camera and The Pro Upgrade:  Only Reel Trading upgrades every
Krasnogorsk-3 (K-3) sold.  We reshape, polish and calibrate  the
entire film transport assembly, making for fast, efficient loading
every time.  Further, the Pro modification minimizes the surface area
coming into contact with the moving film stock and polishes those
remaining areas in excess of their original finish.  This process
insures professional quality results and error-free shoots every time.
For those who obtained their Krasnogorsk-3 from another source, the
Pro upgrade will eliminate loading hassles and any tendency to jam or
compromise the film stock.  Those K-3 owners who have opted for the
Pro upgrade have been pleasantly surprised to discover the camera s
true potential.
Pro Upgrade is standard for every K-3 sold by Reel.
K-3 Pro Package with Lens and All Accessories   $625
Pro Upgrade for K-3 obtained from other source  $150
The Super-16 Conversion:  The Super-16 conversion converts the camera
from the regular 16mm (1.33:1) aspect ratio to the wide angle (1.66:1)
Super-16 aspect ratio.  Internal light meter retained, reflex
viewfinder modified to match Super-16 image.  Viewfinder can be
equipped with Regular 16 (1.33:1) indices to allowing for Regular 16
filming.  The Krasnogorsk 17-69mm f1.9 zoom may be used in the 26-69mm
range (vignetting occurs below 26mm).  As any Nikon lens is compatible
with the wider Super-16 gate, we include a Nikon mount with every
Super-16 conversion.
Super-16 conversion for the K-3 (includes Nikon mount)          $675*
Super-16 K-3 Pro, complete camera package                       $1175
The Nikon Mount:  Reel Trading has devised an inexpensive Nikon mount
for the K-3.  The mount is fully interchangeable with the existing
universal screw mount and will accept any Nikon lens.  It can be used
with any version of the K-3 Pro and is particularly useful in
conjunction with the Super-16 conversion.  Camera body is required for
modification, but will not affect any existing operations.
Nikon Mount for K-3:    $145*
TCS Synchronous Motor Conversion* :  The TCS crystal drive motor is
available for both the K-3 Pro and the Super-16 K-3 Pro.  The unit can
be set to run locked at 12, 24 or 48 frames per second (fps).  12 and
24 fps are HMI compatible, allowing you to film under HMI lights,
fluorescent tubes, or discharge-type street lights without flicker.
With the optional Milliframe Controller, any film speed from 5 to 60
fps can be selected in 0.001 fps increments.  These units have been
developed and are manufactured by industry renowned Tobin Cinema
Systems, Inc.  Custom installation (requires camera machining) by Reel
Power is by a battery source of 12 VDC using industry standard XLR
4-pin power connector.  Current drain is under 0.5 A.  The unit is
mounted to the lower right hand side of the controls side of the
camera, in the vicinity of the speed governance dial on the
spring-wound unit.  Cameras converted to synchronous motor operation
can no longer be used with spring motor and thus lose single-frame
This Camera is Sync but it is not particularly quiet, perfect for
music videos..
TCS Crystal Drive Motor and Installation for K-3                $750*
K-3 Pro Sync., complete camera package                  $1300
Super 16 K-3 Pro Sync., complete camera package $1775
12V Battery Belt with XLR 4-pin power connector         $155
TCS Milliframe Controller                                       $550
* Camera body required for modification
Shipping: Camera Packages without motor --      $25
          Camera Packages with motor --         $45
          Upgrades (return body) --             $16
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