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August 1995, Week 4


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Jeremy Butler <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Sat, 26 Aug 1995 12:42:46 CDT
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SCREEN-L has a new moderator--or, rather, a moderator-in-training.
Some of you may have noticed SCREEN-L postings of paper calls
and job openings by Yang Gao.  Gao is a graduate student
in the Telecommunication and Film Department (University
of Alabama) who has been pressed into service to do
various Internet tasks.  This semester his job description
has been enlarged to include moderating SCREEN-L.
Soon he'll also start maintaining the SCREEN-L subscription
list, but for the time being I will continue to handle that.
Please let Gao ([log in to unmask]) or me ([log in to unmask])
know if you notice any irregularities with the posting of
your messages.
Gao will be following the same criteria for moderating
SCREEN-L that were established last year about this time.
In particular, he will be filtering out the following
types of messages:
1.  *Personal* attacks on individuals.
Healthy disagreement and differing opinions are welcome,
but when that disagreement turns into venomous insults
and hateful verbal assaults it will not be tolerated.
2.  Comments that have absolutely, totally, fundamentally
*nothing* to do with the study of film or television.
The study of film/TV is interpreted *very* broadly. E.g.,
it's fine if someone wants to discuss Vietnam War policies
and then at the end of his/her post ties it in with the films
of Oliver Stone.  But if a poster rambles on about the beauty
of the autumn leaves in Vermont this weekend (with no
reference to the semiotics of foliage in autumnal film/TV),
his/her message will not be distributed.
3.  Personal notes to individual SCREEN-L subscribers.
4.  LISTSERV maintenance requests inadvertently sent to
If you are trying to UNSUBSCRIBE from SCREEN-L or
otherwise change your subscription, you must be sure to
mail your request to [log in to unmask], *not* to
[log in to unmask]
To UNSUBSCRIBE from SCREEN-L, put the following message in
the first line (after the SUBJECT line and all the rest)
of a message addressed to [log in to unmask]:
5.  Posts that duplicate information that has already
appeared on SCREEN-L.
If someone asks what "rosebud" was in CITIZEN KANE, only *one*
reply will be distributed.
6.  Messages that quote many lines from a previous SCREEN-L
message and then add a short comment (e.g., "I agree!").
7.  Discussion about SCREEN-L itself.  There are exceptions to this--
such as when new SCREEN-L policies are being debated.  But, in general,
comments about the list should be directed to its moderator rather
than to the group as a whole.
8.  Requests for jobs in film/video production.  Very few persons
who do the hiring for film/video jobs read SCREEN-L.  There are better,
more professionally oriented forums for this sort of post.
9.  Inordinately long posts--say, over 200 lines.
SCREEN-L is designed for the interchange of messages.  Longer
essays, however, may be stored in SCREEN-L's archive (called
SCREEN-L FILELIST) so that SCREEN-L users may request them.
For more infomation, contact Jeremy Butler.
  Jeremy Butler                                  [log in to unmask]
  SCREEN-L Moderator                           [log in to unmask]
  Telecommunication & Film Dept. * University of Alabama * Tuscaloosa
To signoff SCREEN-L, e-mail [log in to unmask] and put SIGNOFF SCREEN-L
in the message.  Problems?  Contact [log in to unmask]