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January 1995, Week 1


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Jeremy Butler <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 4 Jan 1995 11:01:51 CST
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Author:  [log in to unmask] (Allan Siegel)
Date:    1/3/95 7:00 PM
[Editor's note:  This message was submitted to SCREEN-L by the "Author" noted
above, and not by Jeremy Butler ([log in to unmask]).]
I am forwarding the following  as a response to a recent query regarding
script writing software; it is the best overview that I have seen so far.
>Hi all...
>Concerning Screenplay software:
>I use stylesheets I made for Microsoft Word 5.1 on the Mac, and I
>personally think they are pretty bulletproof.  I'll gladly binhex them to
>whoever would like a copy.  (Or, if you have an AOL account, ship them
>that way.)
>Final Draft is the standard for writing scripts on the Mac, and it's a
>good program.  I personally think it's a little slow unless you've got a
>fast machine and lots of ram but most of my friends are very happy with
>it.  I will say I type sometimes upwards of 100wpm (not often) and Final
>Draft can't keep up like Word can.
>I don't know a single person who's happy with Scriptor.  It's slow, it's
>cumbersome and it requires you to have a word processor and then have it
>convert the file.  Want to change one page?  Got to recovert the whole thing.
>Anyway, I think Word is fine for spec features, and FD will be nice down
>the road.  If I was doing TV scripts (a bit less fun to format 2-col in
>word) I'd think about it.  MacWarehouse will probably have the best price.
>In the other world, I know a lot of people happy with MovieMaster (DOS, I
>think a Windows version is due in the spring) but I've nver used it.
>On Book City or whereever:
>anyone looking for sample scripts, first try your library -- you never
>know.  Orlando had over 100 good ones, in script format.  About 794.8 or
>so in the dewey system.  Then, email me privately... I've got about 70
>and I'll copy them for roughly cost, because that's all those stores do
>anyway... buy them off an actor or crew member, then copy them and charge
>$15 or $20.  It's quasi-legal, but no one minds if it improves the
>quality of spec scripts.  But that's a different debate.
>Anyone with more interest in screenwriting, there's a list for it:  send
>a mesage to [log in to unmask] with the body reading:
>subscribe scrnwrit yourfirstname yourlastname
>Warning:  it generates a LOT of chit-chat type mail... some days nearly
>100 pieces.  You can get it in digest form... above adress, send body:
>set scrnwrit digest
>You can do that as a second line on your subscribe message.
>Any more screenwriting questions I'd be happy to answer in email... I've
>lived in LA for almost 3 years and worked as a reader for some big folks,
>and been paid (just a tiny bit) for writing, so maybe I can help some.
>OK, it's very late... see ya.
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Allan Siegel
SAIC, Chicago
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