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December 1994, Week 2


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Jeremy Butler <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 11 Dec 1994 10:46:39 CST
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I sent Edwin's note on to SCREEN-L at large cuz it raises a couple of
good points about identifying yourself when you send messages to SCREEN-L.
These points are mentioned in the SCREEN-L Guidelines, but it's worth
re-emphasizing them here...
>I notice that having resumed your refereeing you have added :
>[Editor's note:  This message was submitted to SCREEN-L by the "Author" noted
>above, not by Jeremy Butler.]
>...which helps with at-a-glance ID of the writer and eliminates some
>confusion in newcomers who might think tha Jeremy Butler sure is  prolific
Right!  The e-mail system I'm using to process mail sticks
*my* (the editor/moderator's) name and address in the FROM line of each
and every message.  After the holiday break I'll switch to an e-mail
system that doesn't cause this problem, but, until then, look at the first
line of each message for the "author" of the post.
>I wish some other IDs were avaiable too. On my Eudora e-mail program, when
>I get a message or several from Screen-L,that is, before I open it (them),
>I see "Jeremy Butler"in the column "who" (sender), the date in column
>"date" and the subject in column "subject." The last one helps, but I
>cannot quickly ID the writer at that point. And when I transfer some
>messages to other mailboxes, say, "political films" I still cannot ID the
>Can something be done about this?
When I switch mail systems in January, the original poster's name should
appear in your "who" column.
Also, If you'd like to have *every* person's name and e-mail address
appear in the *body* of each message, you can use what LISTSERV (the
software running SCREEN-L) calls "dual headers."  This is handy for
messages in which the person neglects to sign his/her name.
You can receive dual headers by changing your SCREEN-L account.  Do not send
mail to [log in to unmask] to do this.  Instead, send mail to
[log in to unmask] and put the following in the first line of the message:
set screen-l dual
To get rid of dual headers:
set screen-l shorthdr
>Also, I am often perplexed by the various schools (or organizations) in
>e-mail addresses. My own might puzzle person who do not know that
>"" is the Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.
>Can something be done about this too?
Many books on the Internet identify the domain names (like "uiuc") and
translate them into real names.
>And to add a suggestion, if, under subject, one can manage to be more
>explicit within the length limitations,that would be welcome too. For
>example instead of X putting in just "John Ford" s/he might say "John Ford
>Cavalry Trilogy."
Yep...descriptive subject lines are critical for discussion lists like
SCREEN-L.  Many folks read/delete messages based on their subject line.
A descriptive subject line will help insure that your message is read
by the right folks.
SCREEN-L moderator
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