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November 1994, Week 4


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J Roberson <[log in to unmask]>
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Mon, 28 Nov 1994 13:31:51 CST
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>which also surrounds the racist & homophobic representation in
>*Pulp Fiction.*
Representations that not everyone sees. I took my girlfriend (From Chicago,
black, if it matters) to see Pulp the other night, mentioned the racism
discussions regarding it that have cropped up on the list, and she laughed.
She thought the movie was pretty fucking realistic and was more interested
in the psychopathology in the audience's experience (dual psych/theatre
major, she is).
>        The woman is always screaming and she speaks in broken English.
>I hope that's enough for you.  If not, read Robert Stam & Louise Spence's
Of course she screams and speaks in broken English. *That's her character*.
There are other, more positive examples of asian women (Joy Luck Club). The
film in no way implies that all or even most asian women are like that.
Besides, if you don't like the representation, go make your own goddamned movie.
>        As for the ping-pong ball scene in the bar, that was merely
>offensive.   Do I need to go into the entire history of women used in
>topless bars as objects of men's lascivious gazes?
No, it's obvious you don't want any more topless scenes in movies. Topless
is bad. And we don't want to depict anyone in a bad light, even characters
who are *meant* to be bad. Go watch Barney.
>other side for a change--a historical change, that is.  Put yourself on
>the side of the spectacle.  Read some Laura Mulvey too.
I have never found unclad wiggling women to be attractive. Silly, yes;
attractive, no.
If a young black woman from Chicago's ghettos isn't inflamed at the
"racism" in Pulp and a dyke isn't offended at what happens to the fat lady
in Priscilla's bar scene, doesn't that *at least* mean that such is
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J Roberson      [log in to unmask]