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October 1994


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Wed, 26 Oct 1994 16:16:13 EST
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Interdisciplinary Symposium, Vienna 1994 Time: 6 to 10 November 1994
Study programme: Media-Composition and Applied Music
Presented by: o. Prof. Klaus-Peter Sattler Organization:
Herta Straka, A 1180 Vienna, Schulgasse 88/4
Telephone + Fax (+43-1) 479 83 41
o.Prof. Klaus-Peter Sattler
A-1080 Wien, Kochgasse 8/6, Telefon/Telefax (+43-1)408 32 60
The study programme "Media-Composition and Applied Music"
was established in 1992 at the University of Music and Performing
Arts in Vienna under the direction of Prof. Klaus-Peter Sattler.
Until that time competent education in this field of study
had existed only in the USA. Now Vienna belongs worldwide to
the few institutions where musicians can acquire knowledge
and technical skills for a possible career in the field of
The University of Music and Performing Arts has planned an
International Symposium on the subject "Filmmusic and Sounddesign"
with internationally renowned participants, so that the newly
established study course for MediaComposition and
Applied Music would become known. Besides, the
Symposium should give students the rare chance of
experiencing outstanding personalities like David
Raksin, Norman "Buddy" Baker, Randy Thom, Norbert
Jurgen Schneider, Hans Ulrich Werner, Martin Homberg,
Rolf Moser and Hansjorg Pauli.
Prof. David Raksin was a student of Arnold Schonberg
and the musical assistant of Charlie Chaplin ("Modern
Times"). He composed the world-famous music for
the film "Laura", which has been interpreted countless
times by Frank Sinatra to Charlie Parker. Since 1952 he is
Professor at the University of Southern California in Los
Prof. Dr. Norman "Buddy" Baker was for 28 years
composer/Musical Director at Walt Disney Productions
and is also since several years Professor at the
University of Southern California in Los Angeles.
Just the presence of these two great men is a specially
lucky event, as they are living representatives of a great
historical era in American film production.
The other lecturers are:
Randy Thom, the leading sounddesigner at "Lucas Film"
and Oscar prize winner. Prof. Dr. Norbert Jurgen
Schneider, composer, author and state prize winner. Dr.
Hansjorg Pauli, author and film maker. Dr. Hans Ulrich
Werner, sounddesigner and director of the West German
Radio's studio for sounddesign.
Martin Homberg, lecturer of Music Realization at the
Music College in Cologne.
Dr. Rolf Moser, director of Bavaria Sonor, lawyer and guest-
professor at the College of Film and TV at Munich.
Klaus-Peter Sattler, composer and professor for Media-
Composition and Applied
Music at the University of Music and Performing Arts in
Such a constellation of lecutrers brought together at a
Symposium, makes it an exceptional event.
The lecturers will cover everything, from the early
roots,leading to the perspectives of film music in a
changing media landscape. PROJECT:
Film Music und Sound Design
Organized by the Class for Media-Composition and Applied
Prof. Klaus-Peter Sattler.
Metro-Kino, Festival-Hall of the College of Music and
Performing Arts,,
A-1010 Vienna, Seilerstatte 26.
6 to 10 November 1994
German, English.
1. Dr. Norman "Buddy" Baker, Professor at the University
   of Southern California, composer, producer.
2. Martin Homberg, Dozent for music production at the
   College of Music at Cologne, composer.
3. Dr. Rolf Moser, lawyer, Dozent at the College of Film
   and Television in Munich. 4. Dr. Hansjorg Pauli, author
   and film maker. 5. David Raksin, Professor at the
   University of Southern California, composer. 6. Klaus-
   Peter Sattler, Professor at theCollege of Music and
   Performing Arts in Vienna, composer.
7. Dr. Norbert Jurgen Schneider, Professor at the College
   of Film and Television in Munich, composer, author.
8. Randy Thom, Lucas-Film, sounddesigner.
9. Dr. Hans Ulrich Werner, director of the West German
   Radio's studio for sounddesign.
The aim of the Symposium is to reach students of
composition, film, recording engineers, music teachers,
psychologists, film makers, advertisement specialists,
musicologists etc.
With the film industry reaching almost a century since
its inception, the theme of filmmusic and sounddesign
should be examined in its theoretical as well as
practical aspects. The outstanding speakers at the
Symposium can give practical advice through discussions
at working groups. Here students can study how the actual
music was created and added to the film. How it affects
the story, the scenes, the colours and moods in the
film. Also future developments in the field of
audiovisual forms will be discussed.
Sunday 6 November 1994
7 p.m. Official opening by the Mayor of Vienna.
Film "Donald in Mathemagicland" (Music: Buddy Baker), 35
Film "Evolution of Network" (Music: Norbert Jurgen
Schneider), 14 mins.
 - Interval -
Film "The Bad and the Beautiful" (Music: David Raksin)
(At the Metro-Cinema)
Monday 7 November 1994
10 a.m. Prof. Dr. Norbert Jurgen Schneider
"Music goes under the skin"
Foundations of perception psychology
(At the festival hall of the Music
2 p.m. Prof. David Raksin
"Composing for Films"
(At the festival hall of the Music
University) Tuesday 8 November 1994
10 a.m. Randy Thom
"Confessions of a Sounddesigner"
(At the festival hall of the Music
2 p.m. Dr. Rolf Moser
"Budget and Marketing" or: "No Music
without Money" The economic aspects of
film music
(At the festival hall of the Music
 - 6 -
Wednesday 9 November 1994
10 a.m. Dr. Norman "Buddy" Baker
"The Art of Animation Music"
(At the festival hall of the Music
2 p.m. Dr. Hans-Ulrich Werner
Martin Homberg
"Soundprocessing, Sounddesign, Media-
Music" An intermedial presentation
(At the festival hall of the Music
7.30 p m
u , , .
Presentation of the composition class of Prof. Klaus-Peter
Sattler "Media-Composition und Applied Music"
(At the Konzerthaus, Mozart-Hall)
Thursday 10 November 1994
10 a.m. Dr. Hansjorg Pauli
"Film Music for 'Citizen Kane' of Orson Welles"
(At the festival hall of the Music University)
2 p.m. Closing discussion with all the lecturers and
participants (At the festival hall of the Music University)
Friday 11 November 1994
10 a.m. Dr. Hans Ulrich Werner
Martin Homberg
Claudius Bruse
"Sound Editing und Ton Formation"
(At the Institute for Electro-Acoustics and Experimental
Born 1918, USA.
Head of the Institute of Film Composition at the
University of Southern California. Was 28 years the
composer/Musical Director at Walt Disney productions. He
composed music for 40 films and 140 TV productions. His
works have been interpreted by the Royal Philharmonic
Orchestra of London, the Philadelphia Orchestra and the Munich
Symphony Orchestra. Besides Oscar nominations he has
received several awards. He is one of the world's
authorities on "Animation Film Music".
Born 1949, Germany.
He studied musicology and theatre. He is lecturer for the
subjects Music Realization and Music Production at the
University of Music in Cologne, Germany. He is the author
of theatre and TV plays, many of which have appeared in
print. He has produced several sound and music projects.
In 1993 he founded the interdisciplinary "Sound-Field-
Orchestra". Since 1992 he works closely with the West German
Radio and TV Studio for sounddesign.
ROLF MOSER, Dr. jur.
Born 1956, Germany.
He studied law and publishing in Berlin and Munich. He is the
scientific advisor at the Max Planck Institute for Patents,
Copyrights and Competition Law. He lectures at the College for
TV and Film in Munich. He has published the handbook of
commerce in music. Besides his work as a lawyer he is a
manager of Bavaria Sonor Films.
Born 1931, Switzerland.
Music studies at the Conservatory Winterthur in Switzerland.
Music critic for various Swiss newspapers, editor of new music
for Radio Zurich and head of the music department of the North
German Television and Radio in Hamburg. Since 1968 he is a
free lance author and film maker. From 1969 he is guest professor
at the College of Television and Film at Munich. He has made over
20 TV films.
Born 1912, USA.
Since 1958 he is professor at the University of Southern
California. He was a student of Arnold Schonberg and musical
assistant to Charlie Chaplin. One of the famous films for
which he wrote music was Chaplin's "Modern Times". He has
composed music for 450 films, TV and theatre productions. His
music has been performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra, the
New York Philharmonic, the Boston Pops, the Chicago Symphony
Orchestra and theLos Angeles Philharmonic
Orchestra. His theme for the film
"Laura" has become world famous in countless interpretations
from Frank Sinatra to Charlie Parker. He has received
numerous awards.
Born 1941, Germany.
He studied composition at the University in Vienna under the
composers Karl Schiske, Friedrich Cerha and Gottfried von
Einem. His film music for "Leo Beurman" was nominated for the
Oscar in 1971. He has produced the music design for the
Austrian Radio and Television and the 3 SAT, SAT 1 and PRO 7
satellite television stations of Germany. He has produced and
composed several international television series and
advertisement musics. In 1987 he was awarded the State Prize,
in 1990 the Silver Venus of the Creative Club of Austria and
in 1991 the "Romy" award. Since 1992 he is professor for
Media-Composition at the University of Music and Performing
Born 1950, Germany.
He studied at the Universitiy of Music at Freiburg and has
taught Musicology and Music Theory at the University and
Pedagogic College. Since 1979 he is professor for Music Theory
at the University of Music in Munich. Since 1982 he is also
guest professor for film music. As an interpretor, composer
and musicologist he has 30 publications to his credit, as well as
music for 70 films and television productions. His music for the
film "Herbstmilch" ("The milk of autumn"~ was awarded the German
Film Prize.
Born 1951, USA.
He is an important American sounddesigner. He received the Oscar
for "The Right Stuff". He has been nominated for 5
Oscars, one EMMY and one GRAMMY. He is an member of
the Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences as well as the British Film Academy. He is the
author of "Audiocraft" which is used worldwide as a standard
work in 100 universities. He is the leading sounddesigner of
"Lucas Film". Film credits include such films as "Apocalypse
Now", "Empire Strikes Back", "Raiders of the Lost Ark",
"Koyaanisquatsi", "Return of the Jedi", "Indiana Jones", "Star
Trek", "Wild at Heart" etc.
HANS U. WERNER, Dr.phil.
Born 1954, Germany.
He is the sounddesigner and media music man for radio and
television. He heads the interdisciplinary studio for
sounddesign at the West German Radio and Television. He
studied communications, psychology, musicology, composition
and sound engineering. He has held several lectures on
sound production and design, auditive communication,
acoustic ecology, film and television. He is the author
of the book "Soundscapes" and has written composition on
Chicago and another one on Lisbon.