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July 1994


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Mon, 18 Jul 1994 19:45:30 EDT
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I saw true lies over the weekend, and had been wondering if I liked it
or not.  I like action/adventure, and I like comedies, but couldn't
determine if the two should be meshed in this way like it was.
After reading the criticisms along the PC-vein, I've made my decision:
I liked it.
On Mon, 18 Jul 1994 08:47:00 PDT D. S. Cunningham said:
>to Simon:
>actually the line predates Winona by a long time; I've always heard the
>classic phrasing as:
>"MEN (or WOMEN)" spoken with suitable mixture of disgust, wonder and humor,
>"can't live with 'em, can't shoot 'em in the head."
>My dismay at its use here is that it is simply NOT funny--it doesn't play
>humorously at all because they COULD kill her--and get away with it--no
   I don't think so.  We are supposed to identify with the hero in the
film, in this case Arnold, and believe that whatever happens, he would
*do the right thing*.  To actually kill his wife was not an option.
>problem.  I was A-MAZED because no one, not even Tom Arnold (who is great at
>timing with this sort of line) can make it play funny--and in light of
>Nicole/OJ, it just seems kind of bleak.
   Don't think so.  Nicole/OJ was bad coincidence, nothing more.  Criticizing
the movie "in light of" events which happened post facto is unfair, and
ultimately futile.
   Don't forget, reducing films to "portrayals" to the complete exclusion
of the fact that it is a story *about* a character is missing the forest
for the trees.  The fact that Harry was flawed made the movie just a
little less than a cartoon (which evidently worked for me).
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