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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Andrew Solovay <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 2 May 1994 16:49:45 PDT
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From: [log in to unmask] (Andrew Solovay)
Subject: 2nd CFV:
Supersedes: <[log in to unmask]>
Followup-To: poster
Date: 2 May 1994 15:21:11 -0400
Organization: Usenet Volunteer Votetakers (UVV)
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Expires: 11 May 1994 00:00:00 GMT
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Reply-To: [log in to unmask] (Andrew Solovay's vote-taking alias)
                     LAST CALL FOR VOTES (of 2)
                  unmoderated group
Newsgroups line:    Music for movies and television.
Votes must be received by 23:59:59 GMT, 10 May 1994.
This vote is being conducted by a neutral third party.  For voting
questions only contact [log in to unmask]  For questions about the
proposed group contact Ellen Edgerton <[log in to unmask]>.
The vote-taker will post each CFV to the following mailing lists
shortly after it is posted to news.announce.newsgroups. He will send
an abridged RESULT posting (without the full list of voters) to those
mailing lists after voting ends; the full RESULTs will be posted to
all the newsgroups where the CFV was posted.
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CHARTER is an unmoderated newsgroup welcoming discussion
  and information on all aspects of music as it is used in motion
  pictures and television, including:
  --Film/television score collecting and appreciation, whether it be
    serious or casual
  --Film/television music history
  --Film/television music composers or artists
  --Reviews of film music soundtrack releases on CD or LP
  --Reviews/discussion of music used in TV series or miniseries
  --The aesthetics of the use of music in film and television
  --The film/television music industry
  Discussion will not be limited to any certain type of music (i.e.,
  orchestral, pop-rock, original or adapted); exchanges on ALL types
  of music used in motion pictures and television are encouraged.
  Have you found a copy of "The Caine Mutiny" LP in your basement and
  don't know what to do with it?  Who's your favorite film music
  composer?  What song did you think should have won Best Original
  Song at the Oscars?  Just what IS "diegetic music," anyway?  What's
  the name of that song you heard in that movie you just saw?  What's
  your favorite TV theme song?  Are you wondering if your favorite
  movie music is out on CD?  Which film music CDs do you recommend?
  How do you think music should be used in films and on TV? is the place for these questions (and answers).
  Why will centralize discussion about film music
  collecting and appreciation, subjects which obviously overlap on
  both "movies" and "music," but which hitherto have had no obvious
  "home" in any existing newsgroup.  Those users wishing to discuss
  aspects of film music have been scattered throughout several
  existing newsgroups for a long time, and the creation of would bring all such discussions conveniently
  together in one newsgroup. will also have the
  additional benefit of reducing the number of postings on both
  rec.arts.movies and (which have been most often
  used for movie music discussion).
Send MAIL to:   [log in to unmask]
Just Replying should work if you are not reading this on a mailing
list, and if your newsreader honors the "reply-to" line. Double-check
the address before sending your ballot.
Your mail message should contain one (and only one) of the following
      I vote YES on
      I vote NO on
You may also ABSTAIN in place of YES/NO - this will not affect the outcome.
Anything else may be rejected by the automatic vote counting program.  The
votetaker will respond to your received ballots with a personal acknowledge-
ment by mail - if you do not receive one within several days, try again.
It's your responsibility to make sure your vote is registered
Each person may vote only once, no matter how many accounts he or she
may have. Also, only one ballot will be accepted from any account, no
matter how many people may share it. If more than one vote is received
from any person or any account, only the last vote received will be
Addresses and votes of all voters will be published in the final
voting results list. All ballots received are kept in the UVV archives
(including "cancelled" and invalid ballots). The vote files are made
available to the moderator of news.announce.newgroups on request. They
may also, at the discretion of the UVV, be made more widely available
if there is a controversy concerning the vote.
The following people have submitted valid ballots, but my EMail
acknowledgement bounced. they do not need to revote. Bounce List
[log in to unmask]                                             David A. Roth
[log in to unmask]                                           Delena E. Roth
[log in to unmask]
The following people have submitted invalid ballots and have not
superseded them with valid ones.
Votes in error
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   ! No vote statement in message
[log in to unmask]                                           David Lake (dlake)
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[log in to unmask]                                              THOMAS NESSE
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[log in to unmask]                                              MaryAnn Toner
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