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Mon, 21 Mar 1994 16:26:50 EST
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* >* Text of forwarded message:
* >*  Apple Computer is under a well organized phone-fax-mail attack by the
* >*  Religious Right, demanding that Apple Computer drop its pro-human rights
* >*  policy of non-discrimination against lesbian and gay employees. Basically,
*   Mark, I'm curious about what you know about this.  I had also heard about
* the problem Apple had had in that one locality.  Of course it's harder to
* disprove a myth than pass one on, but do you have some familiarity with this
* one?
My knowledge comes mostly second hand from another list--but I've seen this
particular topic come up about 3 different times, each time finally debunked
by a patriotic observer.
I should retreat a little from the word "myth"--there WAS a situation where a
locality in Texas refused to allow Apple to set up a plant because they
weren't happy with Apple's domestic partners benefits policy. Apple made it
clear that they weren't changing their policy (my perception was that not
only are they somewhat proud of being in the vanguard with respect to this
policy, but that most other Silicon Valley computer tech organizations have
this policy as well), and the locality backed down.
Money talks, folks.
*       I'm curious also if you have some connection with Apple, and why you
* wouldn't want us to "bother" them.  Don't you think any corporation would be
* interested in knowing of public support for its policies?
I have no connection with apple, but I would hate to work where I got flooded
with mail I didn't need. A previous address DID work (or maybe it was this
one and they shut it off since), and the owner of it was quoted as saying
that they had no intention of changing policy regardless of any phone
campaign. PR designed to minimize a campiagn? You be the judge.
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