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January 1994


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Robert Withers <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 31 Jan 1994 11:57:55 EST
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       The following introduces a List that might be of interest to some
Screen-L subscribers.
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        This is a note announcing the ongoing discussions underway on the
        Internet Mailing List called Kidmedia (reflected) and  Kidmedia-d
        (Daily Digest).  Kidmedia is dedicated to discussions between
        people interested in, or involved in, the creation, production,
        distribution and/or consumption of media who's primary target audience
        is children.  For the sake of inclusiveness, the list is defining
        'children' and anyone under the age of 18 years, although most of the
        media to which this list is targeted would be aimed primarily at those
        under 12.
        The kidmedia list is a medium volume list.  Expect an average
        of 2 - 10 messages a day, some days have none, occasionally
        you will receive more.  The load is seldom over 10 articles
        per day.  If mail volume is an issue, consider the digest format.
                        O            o
                       / \           |    o
                      o---o o-o  o-o O--o   o   o o-o o-o
                      |   | |   |    |  | |  \ /  |-'  \
                      o   o o    o-o o  o |   o   o-o o-o
                You may visit our archives via FTP or Gopher.
        FTP to  in /misc/
        Gopher to 7070.  Follow the prompts.
                             |            o
                             |   o-o o-o     o-o o-o
                             |   | | |  | | |     \
                             o   o-o O-o  |  o-o o-o
        Some of the topics suggested for discussion are (but not limited to)..
        # Children's Public Television programs and their impact
        # Commercial Children's Television and its impact
        # The rising trend of "Children's Radio" Such as 'Radio AAHS" and how
          that is impacting the overall Children's Media situation.
        # Kid's Music and Musicians.
        # Producing Children's media.
        # Cartoons Today and Yesterday.
        # Separating Fiction and Illusion from Reality in Kids Media.
        # The role of computers and computer animation in Kids Media.
        # How Kids Media deals with Societal Issues like AIDS, Sexuality
          Family problems, Abuse, Racism, Drugs, Self-Esteem, etc.
        # How do Families view the role of Kids Media?
        # How so-called 'adult' or mainstream media affects kids.
        # The Selling of our Children.. Commercials aimed at selling
          products to kids and to parents via the influence of their kids.
        # Education via media.
        # Kids movies and videos.  How and why are they made?
        # Contemporary re-makes of classic fairy tales (like Aladdin, etc).
        # How media does (or does not) effect children and what is
          being done in that arena?
        # Current and future trends in the industry.
        These are just some concepts off the top of my head and from those
        sent in by interested parties.  The scope and direction of this list
        is still mostly un-formed and (as I said) is up to the participants
        to determine by their posts.
                         o--o            o-o         o
                         |   |          /            |
                         O--o  o-o     O     o-o o-o |
                         |   | |-'      \    | | | | |
                         o--o  o-o       o-o o-o o-o o
        This list was primarily designed to offer those involved in the
        creation of kids media an opportunity to talk among themselves about
        matters pertaining to their craft(s).  Later it seemed appropriate to
        not limit or restrict the membership to just kid media professionals,
        but to open it to the public at large.  None the less, it is our
        intent to keep the list from becoming a flame-fest or a place to air
        "I Hate Barney" types of messages, or other non-constructive traffic.
        Since we have quite a few media professionals, who have chosen to be
        on the list already and hope to attract more, we do not wish to take
        up bandwidth on personal holy-wars and irreconcilable arguments.  In
        short we would like to keep the brain-to-balone ratio as high as we
        can :-).
        Other than that, the podium is yours.
        Also, spread the word.  there is no reasonable limit to the number of
        list members and the more the merrier.  We all look forward to a
        spirited and educational time here.
               o            o        O     o    o
               |     o      |       / \    |    |
               |       o-o -o-     o---o o-O  o-O o-o o-o o-o o-o o-o o-o
               |     |  \   |      |   ||  | |  | |   |-'  \   \  |-'  \
               O---o | o-o  o      o   o o-o  o-o o   o-o o-o o-o o-o o-o
        Here are the addresses for the kid media list.  Please keep
        these handy or assign them to aliases in elm or whatever
        mailer you use.
                     o--o                         o
                     |   |                        |
                     O-Oo  o-o  o-o o  o o-o o-o -o- o-o
                     |  \  |-' |  | |  | |-'  \   |   \
                     o   o o-o  o-O o--o o-o o-o  o  o-o
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