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August 1993


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Sandy Dwiggins <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 18 Aug 1993 14:51:07 EDT
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Mark writes:>
> > FMJ is by far a more accomplished Vietnam War picture than Platoon ever was.
> > (Did anyone ever see Hearts and Minds? Was that a theatrical release? Is it
> > available on video--nevermind, I know itis).
> >
Jeff writes:
> Mark, _Hearts and Minds_ was released at a time (mid-70s) when people were
> very unwilling to entertain much reality about Vietnam. (This, anyway, is
> Jeff
> (PS Mark--glad to see you on h-amstdy)
I don't know either of you, but I thought I'd stick my two cents in anyway...
As far as the american public not willing to entertain much reality about
Vietnam---replace Vietnam with War in general.  Platoon was about as unreal
as you can was basically a remake of any old Sam Fuller WW2 film..
pick any one of them...My favorite character was the scareface old warhorse
in Platoon...and ,if my memory serves me correctly, wasn't there this
ridiculous Christ-like sacrificial scene of this guy getting blown up!!!
If that's reality, Kant should roll over in his grave.   I much prefer FMJ,
it's grittier, it's very frightening, it's much more the reality that I
"imagine" war really deals with those very terrible choices we
must make, very closely...I particularly like the fact that the men in
FMJ don't really like each other as people, but are forced to work
together...and the only thing that they have in common with each other
is the experience of the war...they don't
even talk much....this reminds me so much of the WW2 vets who
get together and have nothing between them except that they've been through
one terrifying experience together...they're not friends, they don't communicate
on that level....The only problem I have with the film is the ending is very
stagey and dramatic..out of proportion to the rest of the film..I don't have
a recent memory of the film...its been a few years since I saw it...anyway
my favorite K film is still Dr. Strangelove..I never get tired of watching
it, even though it's dated...much like Hearts and Minds is dated...It was
everything we wanted to express at that time, and just as subtle as a rally
at the Mall in DC.
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