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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Andrea MacDonald <[log in to unmask]>
Sun, 10 May 1992 14:25:10 PDT
Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
text/plain (125 lines)
Since a number of people responded to my quest for QL favorites on
this list, I'm going to clutter the list with a survey, If you
aren't interested in doing a survey on fandom, then skip this.
If you are interested in sending critiques about my survey design
feel free. Some of the pieces of my survey aren't what I would have
done but are required of me by my professor.
I am working on a research project and I could use your responses to
this survey. It should only take a little bit of your time. Please feel free
to skip any questions you donUt like. This survey is anonymous. If you
would prefer to snail mail this back to me the address is:
	Andrea MacDonald
	9585 Genesee Avenue #F-2
	San Diego, Calfornia 92121
Thank-you for your time.
1. A fan is someone who
	a. Someone who enjoys something very much.
	b. Enjoys a particular performer, television show, movie, or a
	genre of entertainment medium (science fiction books, horror
	c. Fanatical about a particular performer, show, movie, writer,
	or genre.
2. Are you a "fan" of anything?
	a. Yes
	b. No
3. If so, what are you a "fan" of?
4. What television shows, if any, are you a fan of?
5. What movies, if any, are you a fan of?
6. What genre(s) of books, if any, are you a fan of?
7. Do you read any newsletters, magazines or fan zines dedicated to
    something you are a fan of?
	a. Yes
	b. No
8. If so, which ones?
9. Do you read "fan fiction?"
	a. Yes
	b. No
10. How often, if at all, do you read fan fiction?
11. Do you write "fan fiction?"
	a. Yes
	b. No
12. How often, if at all, do you write fan fiction?
13. What fan related activities, if any, do you participate in?
14. How many fan activities do you attend in a year?
	a. 1-2 activities		d.11-15 activities
	b. 3-5 activities		e. more than 15 activities
	c. 6-10 activities
15. What else do you do for fun?
16. How much television do you watch per week?
	a. None			d. 7-12 hours
	b. 1-2 hours		e. 13-20 hours
	c. 3-6 hours		f. over 20 hours
17. What is your sex?
	a. Male
	b. Female
18. What is your age?
19. What is your marital status?
	a. Single		d. Separated
	b. Married		e. Divorced
	c. Widow/Widower	f. Living with someone special
20. If you have a job, what is your occupation or job description?
21. What is your total income?
	a. less than $3,000		e. $15,000 to $24,999
	b. $3,000 to $5,999		f. $25,000 to $39,999
	c. $6,000 to $9,999		g. $40,000 to $74,999
	d. $10,00 to $14,999		h. $75,000 and above
22. What is your education level?
	a. 8th grade or less		f. Bachelor's Degree
	b. 9th -12th grade		g. Some post graduate
	c. High School Diploma		h. Master's
	d. Some College			i. Ph.D.
	e. Associates Degree
Would you be willing to participate in a one-on-one interview over
the phone? If so, would you be kind enough to include you name,
address, phone number and  email address in a separate email
message with the subject heading, "interview".
Andrea MacDonald
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