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March 1992


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Thu, 5 Mar 1992 09:11:39 -0500
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>Actually the genre of fan fiction you are refering to is know as K/S
>or slash. Frequently, the writers of slash aren't lesbians, but the
>stories to feature sex between kirk and spock. You should check out
>Constance Penley's essay in Cultural Studies (edited by L.
>Grossberg). Or if you are more interested in the participatory
>culture aspect of all this check Henry Jenkins work in Close
>Encounters (ed by Penley et al.)
Thanks for the citations.  Actually, the Jenkins article is very
problematic--I don't think he very accurately represents what slash
fanzines are like.  I would suggest that one read one before reading the
Jenkins piece (I wonder if he has...).
As for the Penley article, it is very good.  Indeed, it offers a fairly
sophisticated analysis of the genre, both from a political standpoint and
from a sociological one.  Us usual for Penley, however, her use of
psychoanalytic (Freud & Lacan) theoretical structures--her implicit
acceptance of the political-theoretical implications of such discursive
frameworks--hampers her analysis.  Still, it is the best thing in print on
K/S fanzines (with some interesting commentary on Feminism and pornography
as well).
The two cited books are:
Penley, Constance.  "Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and the Study of Popular
Culture."  479-494 in Grossberg, Nelson, and Treichler, _Cultural_Studies_.
 New York:  Routledge, 1992.
Jenkins, Henry III.  "Star Trek Rerun, Reread, Rewritten:  Fan Writing as
Textual Poaching."  171-204 in Penley, Constance et al., ed.  Close
Encounters:  Film, Feminism, and Science Fiction.  Minneapolis:  U of MN
Press, 1991.
Penley also cites Joanna Russ ("Pornography by Women, for Women, with Love"
1985) and Patricia Frazer Lamb and Diana Veith ("Romantic Myth,
Transcendence, and _Star_Trek_ Zines" in _Erotic_Universe_ 1986).
I certainly hope we can continue this thread--thanks to Ms MacDonald and to
Mr. Bunster (who originally mentioned strekzines!
Elrod Ax.
Williams College.
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