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January 1992


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Kerr Avon <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Mon, 27 Jan 1992 18:07:10 -0600
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This question came up in a discussion with a friend, last Friday.
What exactly is the legality of video-taping a film as it is broadcast
on TV?  There would seem to be two scenarios...
1. You tape the film and watch it, keep it on tape then watch it again
   and again at later dates.
2. You tape the film, watch it and immediately erase the film (say by
   taping over it).
The question is this:  are both scenarios equally illegal?  That is to say,
can you only watch a TV broadcast movie at the time of transmission?  Or
are you allowed to tape the movie if you are unable to watch it, then watch
it _once_ at a later date, then erase it from the tape.  Or are you in fact
allowed to keep it for as long as you want?
Of course, this is pretty much hypothetical, since it is practically
impossible to police this kind of thing.  Still, I'd like to know
what the answer is, technically.
I am sure that you are technically breaking the law with scenario 1.
Scenario 2 had us arguing, and unsure.  Anybody?
Please note that I am in the UK, so I would like to know what the situation
is in this country, if it is different from the US.
Do the same rules apply to TV shows?
Thanx in advance,
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