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Gina Marchetti <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 26 Mar 2004 09:20:56 +0800
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Hong Kong/Hollywood at the Borders:
Alternative Perspectives, Alternative Cinemas
April 1-5, 2004

Hong Kong/Hollywood at the Borders encourages a fresh perspective on
topics including Hong Kong filmmakers working in Hollywood, American-
educated filmmakers working in Hong Kong, genres of common concern
(e.g., action, martial arts, comedy, and melodrama), economic and
industrial links between Hong Kong and Hollywood involving transnational
capital flows, labor migrations, and the globalization of culture and media,
and issues involving gender, class, race, ethnicity, political affiliations and
national formations.

Assessing the links between Hong Kong New Wave cinema and the rise
of the American independents forms the foundation for further critical
consideration of the connections between Asian American film, Hong
Kong experimental and alternative media, and other non-commercial film
practices.  In addition, the symposium includes scholarship on Hong
Kong and American film within the wider context of international film
culture, with a discussion of competition between the industries in Asia,
international film festivals, and in relation to the development of global film
aesthetics.   Cinema practices at the border of Hong Kong and Hollywood,
including (but not limited to) connections with Canada, Korea, Thailand,
Taiwan, and the People’s Republic, are included.

The symposium is jointly sponsored by the Fulbright Program in Hong
Kong, the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong and Macau, the Hong
Kong-America Center, Videotage, the Hong Kong Film Archive, the Centre
of Asian Studies, the American Studies Program and the Department of
Comparative Literature at the University of Hong Kong and the Faculty of
Social Sciences and Humanities at University of Macau.  Special thanks
to the Hong Kong International Film Festival.  The symposium organizing
committee consists of Glenn Shive (Hong Kong America Center), Ramona
Curry (Fulbright, Hong Kong Baptist University), Amy Lee (Fulbright,
University of Hong Kong), Nicole Hess (Fulbright, University of Hong
Kong), Staci Ford (University of Hong Kong), Tan See Kam (University of
Macau), and Gina Marchetti (University of Hong Kong).

For information, please contact Pauline Lau of the Hong Kong-America
Center at [log in to unmask], or Gina Marchetti, University of Hong
Kong, at [log in to unmask], or Tan See Kam, University of Macau,
at [log in to unmask]   All events are free; registration required.

Schedule of Events

Thursday, April 1—University of Hong Kong (Council Chamber, 8/F. Meng
Wah Complex)

2:30 p.m.—Registration opens.

3:00—Opening—Dedication to the memory of Leslie Cheung on the 1st
anniversary of his death

3:15-4:45 pm--Panel 1
Panel:  Independent Film at the Borders
Chair:  Susan Ingram (Comp Lit, HKU)
Panelists:  Nicole Hess (Comp Lit, HKU), The Indies and Their Avatars:
Tracking the Relationship between Hong Kong Indy Directors, Funding
Institutions, and Their Publics
Cheng Kwok Hung (HKU), Global Festival Circuit and the Chinese Films It
Zhang Yingjin (Fulbright), The Question of the Audience in Contemporary
Chinese Independent Films and Videos

4:45-5 pm--Break

5-7 Panel 2
Topic:  Representing Gender across Media and National Borders
Chair:  King-Kok Cheung (Fulbright)
Presenters:  Maureen Sabine (HKU), For Whom the Bells Toll:  Ingrid
Bergman and her Hollywood Grooming for the Role of the American Nun
Cheung Ting Yan, Elizabeth (HKU), A Hollywood Tale of Two Chinese
Women: Suzie Wong and Mulan Disney
Amy Lee (Fulbright), Translocal Contexts:  Reading Gender and Sexuality
on HK TV Drama Serials
LO Wai Chun (Comp Lit, HKU), Gilda and Jealousy

7-8:30 pm  City University of Hong Kong student screening #1
Introduction:  Linda Lai  (City University of Hong Kong)
Title:  Micro-Narratives: New Language, New Experience, and
Experimental Pedagogy For New Screen Contexts

8:30-10:30 Panel 3
Topic:  From Hollywood to Shanghai and Hong Kong
Chair:  Mette Hjort (Comp Lit, HKU)
Gordon Slethaug (Denmark), Tribalism and Orchestrated Violence:
Scorsese’s Directing of THE AGE OF INNOCENCE and THE GANGS OF
Peter Swirski (HKU), Mr. Smith Goes to Hollywood
Emily Luk (Comp Lit, HKU), Representation of Shanghai in Hong Kong
Fiona Law Yuk Wa (Comp Lit, HKU), Transnational Contexts for
Interpreting Hong Kong and American Films
Sylvia J. Martin (UC-Irvine), Fantasy at Work: The Social World(s) of the
Hong Kong and Hollywood Film Industries

Friday, April 2— University of Hong Kong (Council Chamber, 8/F. Meng
Wah Complex)

9:00-10:30 a.m.  Panel 4
Topic:  City Stories
Chair:  Staci Ford (HKU)
Presenters:  Karin Badt (University of Paris VIII), Postmodern Alienation:
From Hong Kong to New York
Peter Rist (Concordia University), Johnnie To and Film Noir
Staci Ford (History, HKU), Hong Kong Film Goes to America
Zhou Xuelin (University of Auckland), Rocks on the Road to Beijing


10:45-noon-- Panel 5
Panel:  Transnational Action
Chair:  Yang Ming-Yu (Tamkang University)
Presenters:  Lauren Steimer (NYU), Nuxia:  Star-Laborer as Embodied
Special Effect
Kwai-Cheung Lo (HKBU), Copies of Copies:  Rethinking Representations
of Women Warriors along the Line between Hollywood and Hong Kong
Mao Sihui (Macao Polytechnic Institute), Decoding the Semiotic Empire
of Hollywood:
James Bond as a Case Study

12:15 pm-2:15 pm—Lunch (Senior Common Room, pre-registration
Luncheon speakers
King-Kok Cheung (Fulbright)
Professor Wong Siu-lun (CAS)
Richard Stites (US Consulate)
Glenn Shive (Hong Kong America Center)

2:15-3:45 pm—Panel 6
Topic:  Hybrid Genres and Transnational Contexts
Chair:  Meaghan Morris (Lingnan)
Anna Marie Bautista (HKU), 'She's an American Girl': Representations of
Gender and Space in Sofia Coppola's in THE VIRGIN SUICIDES and
Bliss Cua Lim (University of California, Irvine), Generic Ghosts:  Hong
Kong Horror and Transnational Generic Exchange
Eric Yu (National Chiao Tung University), Hong Kong Vampire Film: The
Making of a Hybrid Genre
Tan See Kam (U of Macau), From South Pacific to Shanghai Blues: No
film is an island.

3:45-5:30—Dinner on your own and travel to Videotage.

5:30-6:30—Nomadic Vision
Hector Rodriguez and Mike Wong (City University of Hong Kong)
Title:  Nomadic Vision:  Disorientation, Proceduralism, and the New
Respondent:  Steve Fore (City University of Hong Kong)

6:30-8—City University of Hong Kong Student Screening 2
Introduction by Professor Nancy Tong (City University of Hong Kong)
Screening:  THE WEIGHT OF YEARS, by Sunny Ng (City U MFA
student) 35 minutes. DV. Chinese with English subtitles.
GRANDMA'S DUMPLINGS, by MOK Siu Bun (City U BA student) 30
minutes. DV. Chinese with English subtitles.

8—9:30—Hong Kong/America Alternatives—Videotage Highlights
Introduction by Ellen Pau, Fion Ng, and May Fung

9:30-11 pm—EXXXperimental Asia
Presentations by Katrien Jacobs (Emerson College), Isaac Leung (School
of the Art Institute of Chicago), Dr. Ng Man Lun (Psychology, HKU)

Saturday, April 3-- University of Hong Kong (Council Chamber, 8/F. Meng
Wah Complex)

9-10:45 a.m.  Panel 7
Topic:  Traveling Cinemas
Chair:  Ramona Curry (Fulbright)
Presenters:  Wong Hing-Yuk, Cindy (CUNY—College of Staten Island),
Another Gaze:  Hong Kong Films in International Festivals
Laikwan Pang (Chinese U), Who Is Copying Whom?  From KILL BILL to
Transcultural Cinematic Appropriations
Charles Leary (NYU), The Shadow of an Airplane over Southeast Asia:
Worldly Hong Kong Cinema
Respondent:  Roger Garcia (Modern Films)

10:45-11 am—Break.

11-noon Panel 8
Denise Tse Shang Tang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University), Urban
Intimacies in Yau Ching's HO YUK: LET'S LOVE HONG KONG
Olivia Khoo, The Ground beneath Her Feet:  Fault Lines of Nation and
Sensation in Yau Ching’s HO YUK:  LET’S LOVE HONG KONG

Noon -1pm—Brown Bag Lunch—tea provided, bring your own food--
Workshop 1
Chair:  Kit-Ching Chan (History, HKU)
Participants:  Staci Ford (History/American Studies, HKU), Priscilla
Roberts (History, HKU), Tom Stanley (History, HKU), King-Kok Cheung
(Fulbright, UCLA)

1 -3 pm—Panel 9
Topic:  Fruit Chan
Chair:  Esther Cheung (Comp Lit, HKU)
Presenters:  Esther Cheung (HKU), Do We Hear the City?:  The Ghostly
Voices in Fruit Chan’s MADE IN HONG KONG
Siu Heng (Comp Lit, HKU), Home for Border-Crossers in Hong Kong in
Wesley Siu Hang Tang (Comp Lit, HKU), response to Esther Cheung and
Siu Heng
Wendy Gan (English, HKU), DURIAN DURIAN and the Contiguities of
Identity:  Rootless in Hong Kong and China
Albert Lin Chieng-ting (National Chiao Tung University), Home(s),
Identities and Female Roles: DURIAN DURIAN
Feng Pin-Chia (National Chiao Tung University), Reimagining the Femme
Fatale: Gender and Nation in Fruit Chen’s HONG KONG HOLLYWOOD

(Afternoon break during panel, when appropriate.)

3-4:30 pm Panel 10
Panel:  Transnational Flows
Chair:  Joelle Collier (Santa Fe)
Panelists:  Adam Knee (Ohio University), Thailand in the Hong Kong
Cinematic Imagination
Michael Walsh (Flinders University), Hong Kong Goes International: The
Case of Golden Harvest
Stephanie Hemelryk Donald (University of Technology, Sydney) and John
Gammack (Griffith), Images of Cities - A Psychological Method for
Mapping Conceptual Understandings
Hyung-sook Lee (USC), So Close: Hong Kong Cinema, a Familiar Cinema

4:30-6:30 Panel 11
Topic:  Charting Transnational Histories
Chair:  Thomas Luk (Chinese U)
Participants:  Thomas Luk (Chinese U), The Othering of Hong Kong:
Ideological and Aesthetic Function in Edward Dmytryk's SOLDIER OF
FORTUNE (1955)
Stephanie DeBoer (Fulbright), Co-producing Films In and Against the
Global Paradigm:  Location, Technologies and TOKYO, HONG KONG,
HAWAII (1963)
David Newman, The trade of Hollywood movies into the Greater China
region during the 1920’s and early 1930’s
Karsten Krueger (Zhong Shan University), The Other of Film - The Chinese
Historical Ethnographic Film Series (1957-1966)
Kathryn Millard (Macquerie U), Chaplin’s Tramp:  Reflections in Hong
Kong Cinema
Amanda Hsu (Comp Lit, HKU), Reading the Cultural Identity of Hong Kong
in the Early 50s from THE KID

6:30-7:30 Dinner break (on your own)

7:30  THE MISTRESS (HKU— Rm. K223 Knowles Building)
Crystal Kwok introduces film
Screening of THE MISTRESS (DVD)
Response by Patricia Erens (School of the Art Institute of Chicago) -- THE
MISTRESS and Female Sexuality
Q and A with Ms. Kwok and Dr. Erens

Sunday, April 4— University of Hong Kong (Council Chamber, 8/F. Meng
Wah Complex)

9-11 am—Hong Kong Baptist University screening
Introduction:  Zhang Wei Min (Department of Cinema and Television) with
filmmakers Lai Yan Chi, Yung Ka Lok, and Sham Chung Yin
Films (DVD-R PAL) by:
Chan Tai Lee, XI SHI 13 min
Sham Chung Yin, KETCH UP DRESS 7 min
Yung Ka Lok, MECHANISM 4:30 min
Lai Tan Chi, TEACHER BANKY 10 min
Kambel Chung, DON’T CRY ON 5:30 min

11 -1 pm—Tammy Cheung
Screening of JULY
Respondent:  King-Kok Cheung (UCLA)

1-2 pm—Lana Lin  (Fulbright)
Respondent:  Anna Marie Bautista (HKU)
Screening:  NO POWER TO PUSH UP THE SKY (23 minute video, 2001)
TAIWAN VIDEO CLUB (14 minute video, 1999) (NTSC mini-DV)

2-3:30 pm Ming-Yuen S. Ma (Pitzer College)
Respondent:  John Erni (City University of Hong Kong)
Screening:  MYTH(S) OF CREATION 17 min.

3:30-5 pm—Roger Garcia (Modern Films)
Respondents:  John Woo (WooArt) and May Fung (Hong Kong Institute of
Contemporary Culture)
Screening:  Modern Films (Roger Garcia)'s Screenings

Experimental Hong Kong films from the 1980s.

Screening (subject to change):
 RHYTHM (1980, Jim Shum) - 7 minutes
 SEEING (1985, Comyn Mo) - 12 minutes
 SURFSIDE (1984, Jim Shum) - 17 minutes
 SKETCHES (1987, Raymond Red) - 10 minutes

5-7 pm--Dinner on your own and travel to Hong Kong Film Archive.

Screenings at the Hong Kong Film Archive

7 pm-9 pm--Evans Chan
Welcome from Law Kar and other representatives of the HK Film Archive
Introduction of Evans Chan by William Cheung (Hong Kong Polytechnic)

9-11 pm Yau Ching
Introduction by Denise Tse Shang Tang and Olivia Khoo
Screening:  HO YUK:  LET’S LOVE HONG KONG (35 mm, 87 min)**

Monday, April 5—University of Macau (STDM Auditorium)

11:30-12:30-- Kevin Ke

12:30 pm-2—Albert Chu
Screening:  Video Art from Macau
WON TON NOODLES,…….I LOVE IT!         12 min.  2003
Director: Binaca Lei
DREAM TOWN                    5min      2002
Director: Teresa Lam
VEGETABLE MARKETPLACE 1999         8min 54sec.  1999
Director: Johnny Wong
AILEURS        3min     2000
Director: Alice Kok
TUNING         10min   2003
Director: Chan Ka Keong
THE LOST CITY    3min  1999
Director: Vincent Hui
GOOD BYE, KWOK WOON       13min   2003
Director: Albert Chu

2-4 pm—Panel 12— From Macau to the World, with stopovers in Hong
Kong: Filmmakers on the move
Chair:  Gina Marchetti (Fulbright)
Presentations:  Tony Mitchell, Hong-Kong-Australian Imaginaries: Hei-fen
in Two Australian Films by Clara Law
William Cheung (Hong Kong Polytechnic), Love(s) and Image(s) of Hong
Kong in Evans Chan's Movies
Screening:  ADEUS MACAU
Respondents:  Evans Chan, Mike Ingham (Lingnan), Glenn Timmermanns
(U of Macau)

4-4:05—Lucy Kwok, Teresa, and Isabel (U of Macau)
Screening: MACVOLUTION (2:30)

4:05-4:30—Tea break
Screening:  UMAC FOCUS (foyer of the S.T.D.M. Auditorium)

4:30-6 pm—Workshop 2—KILL BILL roundtable
Chair:  Mao Sihui (Macao Polytechnic Institute)
Presentation:  Peter Hitchcock (CUNY), Niche Cinema; or, Kill Bill with
Shaolin Soccer
Participants:  Lynda Chapple (U. Macau), Demi Tong (U. Macau), Tan
See Kam (U. Macau), Audrey Wells (Illinois Math and Science Academy
in Aurora, Illinois), and Peter Hitchcock (CUNY)

6-7:30—Kevin Ke (co-directed with Kalli Paakspuu)
Screening:  WHEN EAST MEETS EAST (53 min)

7:30-10 pm—Closing reception and dinner

*SORCERESS OF THE NEW PIANO is also scheduled to screen at the
HKIFF on April 18 (10:30 am, HK Science Museum Lecture Hall) and April
20 (9:30 pm, HK Arts Centre agnes b. Cinema).

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