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tutuila polynesian <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Sat, 2 Dec 2000 18:41:52 EST
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Dear Thomas Morsh,Director
Several years ago, from 1960-1970's were had brilliant Doctors,experiment with
love and intimacy in movies.America called them the Masters Sex Doctors and
the Kinsey Sex Doctors Team.

Why? Because they would have a labortory in the State of Pennsylvania in the
heart of the Poconos Mountains, there they studied the arte of intimacy among
the newly Honeymooners.

They had hidden cameras and peep-hole walls recording the finding in honeymoon
suites during the first three days upon arrival to the hotel.

The Masters Doctors  published many materials of facts on the intimacy and the
love during marriage.
The Kinsey Doctors, found love and intimacy wears off after several years of
marriage because of long relationships.

All the movie flim directors began to get interested in this line of work.
Woody Allen,flimed a movie out of that information called: "Everything You
Always Wanted to Know about Sex (But Were Afraid to Ask) 72' ".  Those days
were the happiess days of my life. The Beatles and Elvis Presly were singing
only about love. The young people were living out the love and intimacy

The Masters and the Kinsey Reports had astonishing results. One day the Korean
Moon( Religious cult) began to make a finer point.
The couples that meet once and get married the following day ,their marriages
last forever. So wealthy parents, raising postive kids in a negative world but
the traditional and began to join the Korean Moonies, joining wedding vows
without any love of relationship of intimacy. The results were better than the
Kinsey Reports, in the intimacy.

The only problem with the couples that married through the Korean Moonies are
most of those Postive Parents , raised Gays and Lesians childrens.
The populations that came from those Korean Moonies have not produced marrying
type children. Asexual type children from parents that had no previews history
of love or intimacy.

So, the Kinsey Reports and the Doctor Masters'Laboratories were corrected in
saying is better to plan a relationship and then get married , then jump into
a relationship you know nothing about.

Several reports have been found. The Movie"UNBREAKABLE" talks about a married
couple but their intimacy was not founded in flim. Even,though the Director,
M. Night Shyamalan proved , to the audience Actor Bruce Willis had no sexual
interested in his wife while his story was unfolding,by not having the love
and intimacy inside the story for the audience ,we all experience a sense of
void,losing interested in what he meant by family valves and virtures.
Perfect example of "The Romantic Manifesto" and the sense of touching the
emotional door which everybody longs for ,Love and Intimacy....on the Big
Screen. Good luck on your works. The flim your are producing has elements of
fun.... Tutuila...Montverde,FlA

On December 2, 2000 at 12:49pm -0000, you wrote:
>Dear list members,
>I am currently preparing a seminar on >Love and intimacy in the movies<
>due to take place next summer. While I am aware of a vast range of
>literature on sexuality in the cinema, it seems difficult to find
>anything on _Love_. Not a popular topic for scholarship, I suppose,
>although it is very popular in the movies.
>Anyways, the seminar will be based on the historical analysis of the
>semantics of love by german sociologist Niklas Luhmann, but I am still
>looking for suggestions along the following lines:
>- literature (books, essays) from film studies that deal with the topic
>of love not in a purely generic perspective (e.g. "love" as part of
>melodrama, like in Mary Ann Doanes book on women's movies); I am aware of
>a couple of essays by Robin Wood on Before Sunrise, by Masud Zavarzadeh
>on the ideology of love and intimacy, by Thomas Wartenberg's book on
>Unlikely Couples, but I did not find much more yet. I am also looking for
>essays who pay attention to the importance of love in the work of
>particular directors/films like Antonioni, Truffaut's Antoine
>Doinel-films, etc.
>- eminent literary, philosophical, etc. works on the topic of love (like
>Martha Nussbaum's _Love's Knowledge_, Roland Barthes' book an love in
>Werther, Julia Kristeva's book on the histories of love, etc.) - there
>might still be some interesting literature around that I missed.
>- last but not least I am looking for suggestions of important films as
>far as the topic is concerned: films that deal with love in a particular
>way, films that develop a certain - even philosophical - idea of love,
>films that present 'non-hegemonic' relationships (e.g. homosexual
>relationships, relationships between adults and children,
>pseudo-relationships from afar between fan/star, etc.) as an alternative
>to hegemonic ideas of love, or films that, on the contrary, seem to be
>emblematic for society's predominant ideas about love and intimacy (at
>least in a certain historical period).
>I am also looking for interesting documentary (like Pasolini's Comizi
>D'Amore) and maybe even avantgarde/experimental films that deal with the
>topic of love.
>Right now any suggestions are very welcome. And thank you very much to
>anyone who is giving it a thought.
>Thomas Morsch
>Film Dept.
>Freie Universitaet Berlin
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