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January 1995, Week 4


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Jajasoon Tlitteu <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 27 Jan 1995 13:07:30 CST
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>Hi there!
>I'm writing a paper on the post-industrial movement in music videos, but
>there doesn't seem to be a clear definition of what it is. There are quite a
>few music-videos that I would say are post-industrial (NIN, FLA etc) and
>RE/Search have done their bit to define the subject, but I think that the
>term post-industrial needs to be defined in the same way that post-modern is.
>I have a few ideas about how to define post-industrialism but as I said there
>isn't really that much to work with. To define a movie or music video as
>post-industrial, I would say that it had to incorporate at least 4 out of 5
>of these points.
>* A Movie or Musicvideo that incorporates the general idea of the underground
>filmmakers of the 40s-60s, (eg Burroughs, Deren, Anger ect) of
>non-commersialism. E g it's not supposed to sell the product.
I'm sorry but I don't buy this at all (pun not intended).  At the
"industry" level, a music video exists to sell product.  NIN would not be
given money by their record company to produce a video unless it would
"sell the product" (CD's, tapes, T-Shirts, concert tickets, Trent action
figures with Kung-Fu GripT).  I would say that the majority of video
directors and musical group would say that their reasons for making videos
isn't soley as a commercial and I would say that they function as much more
than commercials in cultural exchange & circulation.  But do you really
think that this category of "post-industrial" (which is ultimately just
another musical category that means virtually nothing) differs from other
videos in this respect?  Madonna claims to make videos as art, Liz Phair
directs her own videos as an artist, even the King of Commericialism
Michael Presley-Jackson would probably claim that his videos are a
statement first and ad for his CD second.  Raising up NIN et al as somehow
above this system seems rather inappropriate and unproductive.
If I've misinterpreted your point here, I apologize in advance.
By the way, you might want to bring your research question over to
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jajasoon tlitteu  ([log in to unmask])
"Academic training was instrumental.  You have to understand the language
of society before you can start stretching and subverting it and ripping
and tearing it and burning it and watching the plastic drip on the ants."