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June 1998, Week 4


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Robert Kolker <[log in to unmask]>
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Mon, 22 Jun 1998 11:06:03 -0400
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This is very important information about Fair Use
legislation, on which you should take action. It ultimately
concerns our ability to use material from films in our
research, because a Fair Use amendment *is* now being
considered in the mark up of a major digital copyright
bill. This amendment needs strong support.
On Wednesday, June 17 and Thursday June 18, 1998 the House
Telecommunications Subcommittee marked-up H.R. 2281, the WIPO legislation.
Progress has been made!  Given the subcommittee's movement towards
meaningful changes and a full Commerce Committee mark-up tentatively
scheduled for Wednesday, June 24, 1998 it is critically important that CALLS
and FAXES, e-mails and letters cover the entire Commerce Committee. (A list
of Commerce Committee members with contact information has been included for
your convenience.)  It is imperative that concerned voices
be heard on Capitol Hill in support of fair use and digital
copyright legislation that continues to balance the needs
of information owners and users.
The Klug-Boucher fair use amendment was proposed at the telecommunications
mark-up.  After discussion with the leadership of the Commerce Committee and
the Telecommunications Subcommittee, this amendment was pulled with the
understanding that both sides would work-out appropriate language to protect
fair use.  In the absence of some negotiated compromise, the crucial
Klug-Boucher amendment will receive an up-or-down vote.  It says:
"All rights, limitations, and defenses with respect to copyright that are
available to a user of a work under title 17, United States Code, including
but not limited to fair use, shall apply to all actions arising under this
Support for the Klug-Boucher fair use amendment should be
sent to Chairman Bliley, to subcommittee chairman
Tauzin, to ranking Democrat Dingell, to ranking subcommittee Democrat
Markey, and to all 50 members of the Commerce Committee.
It would be useful to contact every member of the House
Commerce Committee via fax, phone, e-mail, or letter.
Contacts will be most effective if they are received by
midday on Tuesday, June 23, 1998.
House Commerce Committee less co-sponsors of H.R. 3038
Daniel Bennett  Anna G. Eshoo (CA-14-D) 202-225-8104    202-225-8890
David Jorgenson James E. Rogan (CA-27-R)        202-225-4176    202-225-5828
        Henry A. Waxman (CA-29-D)       202-225-3976    202-225-4099
Peter Uhlmann   Christopher Cox (CA-47-R)       202-225-5611    202-225-9177
        Diana DeGette (CO-1-D)  202-225-4431    202-225-5657
Peter Krug      Clifford B. Stearns (FL-6-R)    202-225-5744    202-225-3973
Rebecca Hyder   Michael Bilirakis (FL-9-R)      202-225-5755    202-225-4085
Fritz Hirst     Peter Deutsch (FL-20-D) 202-225-7931    202-225-8456
Sherri Green    Nathan Deal (GA-9-R)    202-225-5211    202-225-8272
        Michael D. Crapo (ID-2-R)       202-225-5531    202-225-8216
Carol Richardson        Bobby L. Rush (IL-1-D)  202-225-4372    202-226-0333
Timothy Kurth[PARA]Amy Jensen   J. Dennis Hastert (IL-14-R)     202-225-2976
Morna Gibbons   John M. Shimkus (IL-20-R)       202-225-5271    202-225-5880
        Greg Ganske (IA-4-R)    202-225-4426    202-225-3193
        Edward Whitfield (KY-1-R)       202-225-3115    202-225-3547
Whitney Fox     W. J. Tauzin (LA-3-R)   202-225-4031    202-225-0563
James Ballentine        Albert R. Wynn (MD-4-D) 202-225-8699    202-225-8714
Colin Crowell   Edward J. Markey (MA-7-D)       202-225-2836
Matt Berzok     Bart Stupak (MI-1-D)    202-225-4735    202-225-4744
Jonathan Terry  Frederick S. Upton (MI-6-R)     202-225-3761    202-225-4986
        John D. Dingell (MI-16-D)       202-225-4071
Andy Walker     Karen McCarthy (MO-5-D) 202-225-4535    202-225-4403
        Rick A. Lazio (NY-2-R)  202-225-3335    202-225-4669
Cinnamon Rogers Thomas J. Manton (NY-7-D)       202-225-3965    202-225-1909
Jason Steinbaum Eliot L. Engel (NY-17-D)        202-225-2464    202-225-5513
Eric Burns      Bill Paxon (NY-27-R)    202-225-5265    202-225-5910
        Richard M. Burr (NC-5-R)        202-225-2071    202-225-2995
Bob Foster      Michael G. Oxley (OH-4-R)       202-225-2676
Jim Steen[PARA]Gerald Couri     Paul E. Gillmor (OH-5-R)        202-225-6405
        Ted Strickland (OH-6-D) 202-225-5705    202-225-5907
Derrick Owens   Thomas C. Sawyer (OH-14-D)      202-225-5231    202-225-5278
Bob Bolster     Steve Largent (OK-1-R)  202-225-2211    202-225-9187
        Thomas Allen Coburn (OK-2-R)    202-225-2701    202-225-3038
Peter Madaus    Ron Klink (PA-4-D)      202-225-2565    202-226-2274
Judy Borger     James C. Greenwood (PA-8-R)     202-225-4276    202-225-9511
        Bart Gordon (TN-6-D)    202-225-4231    202-225-6887
Beth Hall       Joe Barton (TX-6-R)     202-225-2002    202-225-3052
Walter Gonzalez Gene Green (TX-29-D)    202-225-1688    202-225-9903
        Thomas J. Bliley, Jr. (VA-7-R)  202-225-2815    202-225-0011
Peter Schalestock       Rick White (WA-1-R)     202-225-6311    202-225-3524
        Barbara Cubin (WY-1-R)  202-225-2311    202-225-3057
Robert Kolker
English Department
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742
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