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Bill Oppel <[log in to unmask]>
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Thu, 30 Jul 1992 13:33:09 CDT
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Volume 1, Issue 1                         June 1992
   Compiler, Editor, Publisher ................ Bill Oppel
     Well, here it is, the premiere issue of Previews.... This is
an electronic magazine (of sorts) dedicated to those of us that
want to know everything we can about the film and exhibtion
industry.  All the information compiled here comes from reliable
sources, like Entertainment Data, Inc. who call participating
theatres and get the grosses of each individiual movie out today,
and compile the information for use of the people in the
entertainment industry, and for places that tell us that "Batman
Returns" made over $100 million in it's first 12 days.
     Now I would like to introduce you to the contents of the
magazine.  "Hollywood Updates" are interesting notes and bits of
information from the Hollywood production community.  "Hollywood
Report" gives you a glance into upcoming features.  "Countdown" gives
the countdowns of dates and popularity.  "Teasers" is a jump down
the road on upcoming films.
     Sorry for the delay in shipping, but I wasn't counting on getting
my bike stolen from my front porch, the school being closed for a week,
and several other small things, like my anniversary.  Because of the
delay, I had to remove "Short Takes", which is the industry news, but
next month will have the news for July and the news meant for June.
     Any of you have any suggestions, or critiques about the layout
or subject matter, then drop me a line and tell me.  But remember,
as I heard once before, this is my first time, be gentle.
     So without further delay, I give you the world of Previews....
                                   -- Bill Oppel
     For only the third time in Academy Award history, one film won all
five major categories at the Oscar ceremony.  "Silence of the Lambs"
joins "It Happened One Night" and "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" in
this prestigious spot, as well as being the first thriller ever to win
the Best Picture Oscar.
     On a smaller scale, the winners of the Independent Spirit Awards:
     Best Picture                            "Ramblin' Rose"
     Best Actress        Judy Davis          "Impromptu"
     Best Actor          River Phoenix       "My Own Private Idaho"
     Best Director       Martha Coolidge     "Ramblin' Rose"
     Best S. Actress     Diane Ladd          "Ramblin' Rose"
     Best S. Actor       David Straithairn   "City of Hope"
     Best Screenplay     Gus Van Sandt       "My Own Private Idaho"
     Reel Gold Award     Oliver Stone        "JFK"
     The NAACP published a report charging Oscar winning films "used
racist techniques and symbolism that are damaging our psyches and serve
to perpetuate racism."  The report claims that naming the two killers
Hannibal "the Cannibal" Lector and "Buffalo Bill" identifies them with
blacks and American Indians, respectively, because the historic African
general Hannibal and the term "buffalo" identifies an animal associated
with the Indians.  The report says that the use of the colors yellow, red
and black in "Bugsy" are associated with Asians, Indians, and Blacks and
are used to induce terror and death in the film.  And in "JFK", a black
man is seen acting as a spotter for one of the assassins.  Allen Daviau,
the cinematographer for "Bugsy", dissmissed the report as "utterly
     James Cameron has signed a five year, 12 film contract with 20th
Century Fox believed to be worth $500 million.  Cameron will retain
overseas distribution rights, ownership of his negatives, and will be
able to greenlight his own films.  Fox will contribute approximately 30
percent of the production costs on the films, and will pick up 100
percent of the prints and advertising costs, in exchange for domestic
distribution rights as well as a hefty distribution fee.  His next film
"The Crowded Room," is set for shooting in August.  John Cusak stars in
the multi-personality drama.  However, Cameron owes Carolco one film from
a preexisting agreement; rumors are "Terminator 3" or the live action
"Spiderman."  Cameron will not say what he will do for Fox next, but has
hinted that he has a science fiction script and an action thriller script
ready, and is scripting a contemporary thriller.
     Orson Welles' "Othello" is out in theatres, but Patxi Irigoyen
recently bought what is believed to be the only existing print of Welles'
never completed version of "Don Quixote."  He is currently working with
Mauro Bennini, who worked with Welles on the project, to piece together
the parts they each have for release.  Bennini has an eight minute long
windmill sequence, which is believed to be Welles' greatest cinematic
tour de force.
     While Paramount is getting ready for the release of Ridley Scott's
"1492," Alexander and Ilya Salkind's "Christopher Columbus:  The
Discovery" is riding the stormy sea.  Scott left the Salkinds venture for
Paramount's version.  Then the Salkinds star Timothy Dalton bailed out
due to production delays.  Finally, second director George Pan Cosmatos
jumped ship just weeks before filming.  Now with third-string director
John Glen and unknown star George Corraface in the lead, the ship left
dock.  Unfortunately, the storms started when rumors spread that cast and
crew were not being paid for their services.  Tom Selleck, "King
Ferdinand" is annoyed that the Salkinds are using his name to secure
financing and "ties me to their delinquency."  Marlin Brando, "Torquemada
the Grand Inquisitor," wants his name to be removed from the credits
since the Salkinds will not change the script to insure historic
accuracy.  Brando was paid in advance, "Having worked with the Salkinds
before, I was aware of the tricky business tactics they were wont to
employ."  Good news is that Warner Bros. has picked up the movie and
plans to put it in the water several months before "1492"'s release date
of October.
     5 million dollars overbudget and two hours longer than the 2 hour 15
minute agreement, Spike Lee's "Malcolm X" was screened by Warner Bros.
executives and recieved a positive response.  Lee and Warner has agreed
on a 3 hour long compromise, but the movie is still over budget.  Lee had
originally asked for $33 million for the movie, but was forced to except
a compromise of $28 million.  Lee finished the movie at $33 million
     Bits and Pieces:  Foriegn Film lovers and subtitle haters will be
happy to hear that Paramount and Fox are remaking "Toto Le Heros" and
"The Vanishing" respectively.  Oliver Stone is going back to the Vietnam
era, this time the film will look through the eyes of a Vietnamese woman.
"Howard's End" star Anthony Hopkins, director James Ivory and producer
Ismail Merchant have reunited for "The Remains of the Day"
     Who Said There Aren't Any New Ideas?
     1)  After the Duelling Columbuses, after the Battling Buddhas
(directors Benardo Bertolucci and Mira Nair are readying two versions of
the holy man's saga), came the Fighting Finns.  Tristar and Disney are in
the race to see who can reach the screen first with the Mark Twain
classic, "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn."  But wait!  Fox has signed
John Hughes to come out with the hottest Huck of all.  Hughes has
scripted a modernized version loosely based on the Twain classic.  Stay
tuned for more as the race continues.
     2)  "The Addams Family,""Wayne's World,""The Naked Gun,"and the
upcoming "Twin Peaks:  Fire Walk With Me," what do all these have in
common?  Previously, on TV.  Well, TVland watchers beware -- "Maverick"
is coming.  The feature length film, based upon the James Garner/Roger
Moore western series, will star Mel Gibson as soon as he finishes "The
Rest of Daniel."  Garner will play a supporting role in the film.
     3)  Blake Edwards and MGM have kissed and made up.  Summer 1993 will
see "The Son of the Pink Panther."  You guessed it, Clouseau had a son
who is in the police force.  Edwards and MGM were fighting over the rights
to the "Pink Panther" movies.
"Alive" (Buena Vista).  The true story of a soccer team forced to
    resort to cannibalism when their plane crashes in the Andes.
    Frank Marshall ("Arachnophobia") director, and co-executive
    producer with his wife, Kathleen Kennedy.  Ethan Hawke ("A
    Midnight Clear") and Vincent Spano ("City of Hope") star.
    Written by Monte Merrick ("Memphis Belle") and John Patrick
    Shanley ("Moonstrck").
"Amos & Andrew" (Columbia).  A black Pulitzer prize winning playwright
    moves into an all white neighborhood and is accused of robbing the
    house he is moving into.  While in jail he meets a petty thief who
    has taken the rap for a crime he did not commit in order to prevent
    a racial situation.  Samuel L. Jackson ("White Sands") - playwright,
    Nicholas Cage - petty theif, Dabney Coleman - cheif of police,
    Micheal Lerner ("Barton Fink") co-stars.  Director E. Max Frye
    (wrote Jonathon Demme's "Something Wild")
"The Baboon Heart" (MGM).  A young waitress tries to overcome her bad
    history of men and find true love.  She is wooed by the busboy
    who was an orphan and believes he has a baboon's heart.  Tony Bill
    ("Five Corners") directs.  Writer is newcomer Tom Sierchio.
    Marisa Tomei ("My Cousin Vinny") - waitress, Christian Slater -
    busboy, Rosie Perez ("White Men Can't Jump") costars.
"Body of Evidence (MGM).  Madonna ("Truth or Dare") is the woman
    accused of killing her former lover.  Willem Dafoe ("The Last
    Temptation of Christ") is the lawyer tries to prove her innocent
    and ends up in bed.  This is slated to be hotter than "Basic
    Instinct."  Joe Mantegna ("The Godfather, Part III") is the
    prosecutor.  Director - Uli Edel "Last Exit to Brooklyn."  Anne
    Archer ("Fatal Attraction") and Jurgen Prochnow co-star.
"Body Snatchers" (Warner Bros.).  Remake of Don Siegel's 1956 classic,
    and it's 1978 Philip Kaufman remake  "The Invasion of the Body
    Snatchers."  This one will contain more action and less science
    fiction.  Director - Abel Ferrara ("King of New York").
"Bombay" (Buena Vista).  Emilio Estevez is a young, jaded well-to-do
    lawyer, who once played for the U.S. Olympic hockey team.  After
    being convicted of drunk driving, he is told to work with inner
    city boys, and guess what.....
"Buffy, the Vampire Slayer" (Fox).  Kristy Swanson ("Hot Shots") is a
    cheerleader who finds out that she's the latest in a long line of
    women chosen by fate to slay vampires.  Luke Perry ("90210",
    "Terminal Bliss", and "Scorchers"), Donald Sutherland ("JFK") and
    Rutger Hauer ("Blade Runner") star.
"Calendar Girl" (Columbia).  Jason Priestly ("90210") is a high school
    graduate in 1962, who sets out to fufill a childhood fantasy of
    meeting Marilyn Monroe.  Jerry O'Connell and Gabriel Olds also star.
    Joe Pantoliano ("Midnight Run") and Stephen Tobolowsky ("Thelma and
    Louise") co-star.  Executive Producer - Penny Marshal ("Big").
"Captain Ron" (Buena Vista").  Martin Short and Mary Kay Place are a
    couple who buy a dilapidated, second hand yacht and want to send
    it from the Carribean to their home in Chicago.  Hard-Drinking
    Captain Ron (Kurt Russell) is hired for the job, and takes the
    couple and their children on a "voyage from hell."  Paul Anka co-
"Consenting Adults" (Buena Vista).  A man has an affair with his
    neighbor's wife, and his own wife ends up dead.  Now his primary
    accusers are his neighbors.  Kevin Kline stars.  Mary Elizabeth
    Mastrantonio, Kevin Spacey, Forest Whitaker and E. G. Marshall
    co-star.  Director Alan J. Pakula ("Presumed Innocent").
"Damage" (New Line).  Jeremy Irons is a successful politician with an
    ideal life, and goes for the rocky road with his son's lover.
    Juliette Binoche ("The Unbearable Lightness of Being") is the
"Ethan Frome" (Miramax).  Romantic Drama based on Edith Warton's novel.
    Liam Neeson stars.  Patricia Arquette ("The Indian Runner") co-
    stars.  After a decade, Katherine Houghton, the niece of Katherine
    Hepburn returns to the screen ("Guess Who's Coming to Dinner").
"The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag" (Buena Vista).  Penelope Ann Miller
    ("Other People's Money") is a shy small town librarian with an
    in attentive husband.  When she stumbles upon a murder weapon,
    she decides to get some attention and confesses to the murder.
"The Last to Surrender" (Warner Bros.).  As if you couldn't guess,
    Steven Segal plays a crewmember of the U.S. Battleship New Jersey
    on its way to be mothballed.  And by some terrorist capture it for
    it's nuclear warheads.  Our hero must single handedly save the
    world from nuclear destruction, especially since he is the only
    crewman not to be drugged!!!!  Tommy Lee Jone ("JFK") and Gary
    Busey co-star.  Written by J.F. Lawton ("Pretty Woman").
"Matinee" (Universal).  John Goodman ("The Babe") stars as a director
    who brings his newest movie "MANT -- half-man, half-ant, all terror"
    to Key West in 1962.  Tune in to see how this effects the lives of
    four teenagers.  Simon Fenton, Omri Katz, Kellie Martin, and Lisa
    Jakub star.  Cathy Moriarty ("Raging Bull") co-stars.  Directed by
    Joe Dante ("Gremlins") and written by Charlie Haas ("Gremlins 2:
    The New Batch"), Ed Naha ("Honey, I Shrunk the Kids"), and Jerico
    Stone ("My Stepmother Is An Alien").
"Meteor Man" (MGM).  Robert Townsemd befriends a homeless man (Bill
    Cosby) who develops special powers after a meteor shower.
    Writer / Director Townsend ("The Hollywood Shuffle","The Five
"Poetic Justice" (Columbia).  Janet Jackson is Justice, a poetry
    writing hairdresser in South Central LA.  She falls in love with
    Lucky (rapper 2Pac), a fledgling musician.  Together, they will
    overcome their hardened defenses and further their artistic talents.
"Swing Kids" (Buena Vista).  It is 1939, Germany.  Robert Sean Leonard
    ("Dead Poet's Society"), Christian Bale, and Frank Whalley are
    lifelong friends who join the resistance movement called "Swing
    Kids" -- named for the affinity for all things American.  Soon,
    each one must decide between freedom, and the seductive power of
    the Party.
"Three of Hearts" (New Line).  Romantic comedy?  Try this one.  Kelly
    Lynch ("Drugstore Cowboy") stars as Connie, whose relationship
    with Ellen (Sherilyn Fenn of "Twin Peaks") breaks up on the eve of
    her sister's wedding.  Not wanting to go alone, she hires Joe, a
    male escort (William Baldwin of "Backdraft") to accompany her.
    Connie falls in love with Joe, but wants to get back with Ellen.
    So she convinces Joe to seduce Ellen, and break her heart, so Ellen
    would come back to Connie.
"Weekend at Bernie's II."  This proves that there is nothing somebody
    won't sequelize!!!!!  Andrew McCarthy and Jonathon Silverman
    return for another weekend of wild havoc at dead pal Bernie's
    place.  Terry Kiser returns, and Barry Bostwick co-stars.
                                                   Gross   Open  Weeks in
      Title                       Distributer     ($ mil)  Date  Release
 1. Beauty and the Beast          Buena Vista      132.2   11/22   24
 2. Hook                            TriStar        118.5   12/11   20
 3. The Addams Family              Paramount       113.3   11/22   22
 4. Wayne's World                  Paramount       108.5   02/13   11
 5. Father of the Bride           Buena Vista       86.6   12/20   19
 6. Basic Instinct                  TriStar         83.6   03/20    6
 7. Hand That Rocks the Cradle    Buena Vista       82.2   01/10   16
 8. Cape Fear                      Universal        78.1   11/13   24
 9. Star Trek VI                   Paramount        74.7   12/13   20
10. Fried Green Tomatoes           Universal        72.9   12/27   18
11. The Prince of Tides            Columbia         72.7   12/25   16
12. JFK                           Warner Bros.      70.0   12/20   19
13. The Last Boyscout             Warner Bros.      58.9   12/13   13
14. White Men Can't Jump             Fox            58.6   03/27    5
15. My Girl                        Columbia         57.8   11/27   16
16. Bugsy                           TriStar         48.8   12/20   20
17. My Cousin Vinny                  Fox            42.7   03/13    7
18. Medicine Man                  Buena Vista       42.6   02/07   12
19. Beethoven                      Universal        36.2   04/03    4
20. Grand Canyon                     Fox            32.3   12/25   13
 1. The Fisher King (Columbia)    | July 15  Hand That Rocks The Cradle
     Jeff Bridges,Robin Williams  |      17  Great Mouse Detective
 2. Boyz N the Hood (Columbia)    |      30  This Is My Life
   Cuba Gooding,Jr,Larry Fishburne|
 3. Deceived (Touchstone)         | Oct  30  Beauty and the Beast
     Goldie Hawn,John Heard       |
 4. Ricochet (HBO)                |
    Denzel Washington,John Lithgow|
 5. The Last Boy Scout (Warner)   |
     Bruce Willis,Damon Wayons    |
 6. Curly Sue (Warner)            |
     James Belushi,Kelly Lynch    |
 7. Dead Again (Paramount)        |
     Kenneth Branagh,Emma Thompson|
 8. Other People's Money (Warner) |
  Danny DeVito,Penelope Ann Miller|
 9. Shattered (MGM/UA)            |
     Tom Berenger,Greta Scacchi   |
10. The Doctor (Touchstone)       |
     William Hurt,Christine Lahti |
                        BOXOFFICE REVIEW
     Title                Rating Distr    Type       Total*
American Me                  R    Uni       D         10.9
The Babe                     R    Uni       D         13.3
Basic Instinct               R    TS       Th         89.2
Beauty and the Beast         G    BV       An        132.8
Beethoven                   PG    Uni       C         38.2
Bugsy                        R    TS        D         48.9
Cape Fear                    R    Uni      Th         77.3
City of Joy                PG-13  TS        D         10.5
Cutting Edge                PG    MGM       D         20.5
Deep Cover                   R    NL       Th         11.8
Father of the Bride         PG    TS        C         87.1
FernGully                    G    Fox      An         16.6
Fried Green Tomatoes       PG-13  Uni       D         73.7
Gladiator                    R    Col       D          6.5
Hand That Rocks the Cradle   R    BV       Th         83.1
Hearts of Darkness           R    Trt     Doc          1.2
Hook                        PG    TS        F        118.8
Howard's End                PG    SC        D          2.1
JFK                          R    WB        D         70.2
K2                           R    Par      Ac          2.0
Leaving Normal               R    Uni       D          1.0
Life Is Sweet               NR    Oct       C          1.5
Mambo Kings                  R    WB       DM          6.7
Medicine Man               PG-13  BV        D         43.1
Meditterano                 NR    Mir       C          1.0
Memoirs Invisible Man      PG-13  WB       Th         13.0
Mississippi Masala           R    SG        D          7.3
My Cousin Vinny              R    Fox       C         44.5
Night on Earth               R    FL       CD          0.2
Noises Off                 PG-13  BV        C          2.2
The Player                   R    FL        C          7.5
Power of One               PG-13  WB        D          2.8
Rock-A-Doodle                G    SG       An          9.1
Shadows and Fog            PG-13  Ori       C          2.4
Stop or Mom Shoot          PG-13  U         C         26.6
Straight Talk               PG    BV        C         17.1
35 Up                       NR    SG       Doc         0.8
This is my Life            PG-13  Fox      CD          1.2
Thunderheart                 R    TS       Th         18.1
Under Suspicion              R    Col      Th          0.2
Voyager                    PG-13  CH        D          0.2
Waterdance                   R    SGC       D          NA
Wayne's World              PG-13  Par       C        110.6
Where Angels Fear to Tread  PG    FL        D          1.1
White Men Can't Jump         R    Fox       C         62.1
                                     * as of May 15, 1992
Type Key:  Action (Ac); Adventure (Ad); Animated (An); Comedy (C);
     Drama (D); Drama with Music (DM); Documentary (Doc); Fantasy (F);
     Horror (H); Musical (M); Mystery (My); Science Fiction (SF);
     Suspense (Sus); Thiller (Th); Western (W)
                          FESTIVAL CALENDAR
July 9-26      Cambridge Film Festival, U.K. (223-462-666)
July 22-25     Intl. Film Festival/Enviroment,Sacile,Italy(0434-520404)
July 23-Aug2   Great Plains Film Festival, Lincoln, Neb. (402-472-5353)
Aug. 7-17      Locarno Intl. Film Festival, Switzerland
Aug.7-Sept.7   World Film Festival, Montreal, Canada (514-848-3883)
Aug. 15-30     Edinburgh Film Festival, Scotland (31-228-4051)
Aug. 17-24     Norwegian Film Festival, Haugesund (47-4-728-144)
    American Heart, D, Jeff Bridges, Edward Furlong, Dir: Martin Bell
    Aladdin, An, Dir. John Musker, Ron Clements of "The Little
        Mermaid", holiday
    Alive, D, Ethan Hawke, Vincent Spano, Dir: Frank Marshall,
    Bombay, C, Emilio Estevez, winter
    Captain Ron, C, Martin Short, Kurt Russell, winter
    Consenting Adults, D, Kevin Kline, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio,
        Dir: Alan J. Pakula, winter
    The Gun in Betty Lou's Handbag, C, Penelope Ann Miller, Alfred
        Woodward, winter
    Honey, I Blew Up the Kid, C, G, 93 min, Rick Moranis 7/17
    Incredible Journey, Fam, Robert Hayes, 8/7
    The Mighty Ducks
    Passed Away, CD, Bob Hoskins, Blair Brown, winter
    A Stranger Among Us, Thr, Melanie Griffith, Dir: Sidney Lumet,
        9/4, previously called "Close to Eden"
    Swing Kids, D, Robert Sean Leonard, Christian Bale, winter
    Chicago Loop, D, James Spader, Teresa Russell, Dir: Nicolas
        Roeg, fall
    The Age of Innocence, D, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daniel-Day Lewis,
        Winona Ryder, Dir: Martin Scorsese, holiday
    Bram Stoker's Dracula, D, Winona Ryder, Anthony Hopkins, Gary
        Oldman, Dir: Francis Ford Coppola, fall
    A Few Good Men, D, Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise, Kiefer Sutherland,
        Demi Moore, Dir: Rob Reiner, holiday
    Hero, CD, Dustin Hoffman, Andy Garcia, Geena Davis, Dir: Steven
        Frears, holiday
    Hexed, C, Ayre Gross, fall
    Honeymoon in Vegas, C, 92 min., James Caan, Nicolas Cage, Dir:
        Andrew Bergman, 8/28
    Mo' Money, AcC, R, 97 min, Damon Wayans, 7/15
    Mr. Saturday Night, C, Billy Crystal, Julie Warner, Dir: Crystal,
    Poetic Justice, D, Janet Jackson, Wr/Dir: John Singleton, winter
    The Pickle, C, Danny Aiello, Dyann Cannon, Dir: Paul Mazursky,
    Single White Female, Thr, R, 107 min., Bridget Fonda, Jennifer
        Jason Leigh, Dir: Barbet Schroeder, 8/14
    The Baboon Heart, CD, Marisa Tomei, Christian Slater, Dir:
        Tony Bill, winter
    Diggstown, D, James Woods, Louis Gossett, Jr., Dir: Micheal
        Ritchie, 8/14
    The Lover, D, 75 min., Jane March, Tony Leung, 9/18
    Of Mice and Men, D, John Malkovich, Dir: Gary Sinise, 10/23
    Rich In Love, CD, Albert Finney, Jill Clayburgh, Dir: Bruce
        Beresford, 10/2
    Breaking the Rules, C, PG-13, 100 min., Jason Bateman, Annie
        Potts, July
    Enchanted April, C, August
    Especially on Sunday, Four Short Films, September
    Ethane Frome, D, Liam Neeson, winter
    Into the West, CD, Gabriel Byrne, Ellen Barkin, September
    Reservoir Dogs, September
    Urga, Russian Drama, Dir: Nikita Mikhalkov, September
    Zentropa, Thr, R, 107 min., July
    Afraid of the Dark, 7/24
    Glengarry Glen Rose, D, R, 100 min., Al Pacino, Jack Lemmon,
        Alec Baldwin, Dir: James Foley, September
    Johnny Stecchio, 9/18
    London Kills Me, 7/17
    Ruben and Ed, C, Crispin Glover, Howard Hesseman, fall
    Serious Money, C, Leo Rossini
    Twin Peaks:  Fire Walk With Me, D, R, Kyle MacLachlan, Dir:
        David Lynch, 8/28
    Waterland, D, Jeremy Irons, fall
    1492, Adv, Gerard Depardieu, Dir: Ridley Scott, October
    Bebe's Kids, An, Dir: Bruce Smith, 7/31
    Jennifer Eight, Thr, Andy Garcia, Uma Thurman, John Malkovich,
        Dir: Bruce Robinson, fall
    Pet Semetary 2, Hor, Anthony Edwards, August
    School Ties, CD, Brandon Fraser, Dir: Robert Mandel, 9/18
    Sessions, Thr, Alan Alda, Annabelle Sciorra, Jill Clayburgh,
        Dir: Chris Crowe, fall
    Whispers In the Dark, D, Annabelle Sciorra, 8/7
    Best Intentions, D, Scrnplay: Ingmar Bergman, 8/7
    Flirting, September
    Traces of Red, Thr, James Belushi, Lorraine Bracco, October
    Bartholomew vs. Neff, C, Sylvester Stallone, John Candy, Dir:
        John Hughes, fall
    Charlie, Bio, Robert Downey, Jr., holiday
    Cliffhanger, Ac, Sylvester Stallone, Dir: Renny Harlin, holiday
    Mr. Jones, Thr, Richard Gere, Lena Olin, Dir: Mike Figgis, holiday
    Untitled Woody Allen, C, Woody Allen, Judy Davis, Mia Farrow,
        Juliette Lewis, Sydney Pollack, Dir: Woody Allen, holiday
    Wilder Napalm, C, Dennis Quaid, Debra Winger, Arliss Howard,
    Wind, Adv, Matthew Modine, 8/14
    Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, CHor, Kristy Swanson, Luke Perry,
    Hoffa, D, Jack Nicholson, Danny DeVito, Dir: Devito, holiday
    Home Alone 2:  Alone in New York, C, Macaulay Culkin, Joe Pesci,
        Daniel Stern, Wr/Prod: John Hughes, fall
    Jack the Bear, CD, Danny DeVito, September
    Last of the Mohicans, Ac, Daniel-Day Lewis, Dir: Micheal Mann,
    Love Potion #9, RomC, August
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    Rapid Fire, Ac, Brandon Lee, 8/7
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    Army of Darkness:  Evil Dead 3, Dir: Sam Raimi, fall
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    The Looters, Ac, Ice T, Ice Cube, Dir: Walter Hill, September
    Lorenzo's Oil, D, Nick Nolte, Susan Sarandon, Dir: George
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    Mad Dog and Glory, CD, Robert De NIro, Bill Murray, October
    Mr. Baseball (Tokyo Diamond), C, Tom Selleck, Dir: Fred Schepisi
    Raising Cain, Thr, John Lithgow, Lolita Davidovich, Steven
        Bauer, Dir: Brian DePalma, 8/7
    Scent of a Woman, D, Al Pacino, Dir: Martin Brest, holiday
    Sneakers, C, Robert Redford, Dan Aykroyd, Sidney Poitier, Mary
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    Falling Down, Thr, Micheal Douglas, Robert Duvall, Dir: Joel
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    The Last to Surrender, Ac, Steven Seagal, winter
    Malcolm X, Bio, Denzel Washington, Dir: Spike Lee, fall
    One Hot Summer, C, C. Thomas Howell, August, previously
        called "That Night"
    Passenger 57, Thr, Wesley Snipes, fall
    The Rest of Daniel, D, Mel Gibson, holiday
    Stay Tuned, C, John Ritter, Pam Dawber, Dir: Peter Hyams, August
    This Boy's Life, D, Robert De Niro, Ellen Barkin, holiday
    Unforgiven, Ac, Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman, Gene Hackman,
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