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March 1999, Week 4


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Ed Owens <[log in to unmask]>
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Wed, 24 Mar 1999 21:36:17 -0500
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saul steier wrote:

> Does anybody have a verbatim transcript of roberto's first acceptance
> speech? he referred to a poem about"Kissing the joy" that i'd like to run
> down

I don't know if anyone has answered this yet, but here are both his
speeches.  Excuse the formatting.


For Actor:
Roberto Benigni: Thank you! This is a terrible mistake because I used up all
                                 English. I don't know! Oh how can I, I am
not able to express all my gratitude,
                                 because now, my body is in tumult because it
is a colossal moment of joy so
                                 everything is really in a way that I cannot
express. I would like to be Jupiter and
                                 kidnap everybody and lie down in the
(inaudible) making love to everybody
                                 because I don't know how to express - it's a
question of love. You are really, this is
                                 a mountain of snow, so delicate, the suavity
and the kindness, it is something I
                                 cannot forget. From the bottom of my heart
and thank you for the Academy
                                 Awards for the, who really loved the movie.
Thank you to all the, in Italy, the Italian
                                 cinema, grazie a Italia who made me, I am
really, I owe to them all my, if I did
                                 something good, so gracia a Italia i gracia
a America, land of the lot of things here.
                                 Thank you very much and, I hope, really I
don't deserve this. But, I hope to win
                                 some other (inaudible). Thank you!

For Foreign Language Film:
Roberto Benigni: Thank you! Thank you! Sophia, (inaudible) I want to be
                                 rocked by the waves of your beauty. Come
here. Thank you! Thank you! This is a
                                 moment of joy and I want to kiss everybody
because you are the (inaudible) of the
                                 joy. Here you kisses the joy as it flies -
leaves an eternity sunrise - the said poet.
                                 And this is wonderful to be here. Wonderful,
I feel like, now really to, to dive in this
                                 ocean of (inaudible) genorisity, this is too
much. Your generosity, this is, and uh,
                                 how do you say when the rain, the, the
hailstorm, it's a hailstorm of kindness of
                                 gratitude for you. And really I would like
to thank everybody that did the movie
                                 because, without them, I couldn't fly with
this movie - everybody who did, the
                                 producer, the screenwriter, Cerami, Nicola
Piovani, Vittorio Cecchi Gori. Harvey
                                 Weinstein, Miramax film, for, thank you very
much for what you did. And also I
                                 would like to thank my parents in Vergaio in
the little village in Italy they gave me
                                 the biggest gift, the poverty and I want to
thank them for the rest of my life. Really,
                                 but thank you mama and papo. Thank you! And
thank you for your love, because
                                 it, if I am here, it is because people love
the movie so it is always the question of
                                 love. I would like to dedicate this prize to
those that because the subject of my
                                 movie, those who are not here, they gave
their life in order that we can say, "Life is
                                 beautiful." And I would like to also say, a
kiss to Giorgio Cantarini, the little boy, and
                                 because we are talking the love, (inaudible)
and love is divinity, and sometimes if
                                 you are afraid, like all the divinities you
can appears. That's why I want to dedicate
                                 this prize to Nicoletta Braschi. Thank you!

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