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January 1995, Week 3


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Jeremy Butler <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Wed, 18 Jan 1995 10:13:38 CST
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First Annual Rainy States Film Festival to Showcase Northwest Filmmakers
 Seattle - The Rainy States Film Festival will present six feature length
 films and 16 shorter films produced by independent filmmakers from the
 Pacific Northwest at the inaugural Rainy States Film Festival to be held
 February 16-19, 1995 at the Broadway Performance Hall, 1625 Broadway
 (Broadway & Pine) Seattle, WA.  The Rainy States Film Festival was
 founded in 1994 by a group of local filmmakers committed to producing an
 annual festival that provides exposure to independent films produced in
 the Pacific Northwest and is a non-profit organization sponsored by the
 Allied Arts Foundation.   For more information, Please call (206) 322-3772.
 Film Descriptions/The Features
A Formula For Mayhem
Dir: Kevin McKeon & Kurt Wahlner  90 Mins  16mm B/W  1992  Seattle Premiere
 This homage to old "B" detective movies introduces gumshoe Ernie Boylan
 (McKeon) as a Seattle detective investigating a burglary at the
 Algamated Chemical Building.  Rumpled sleuth Boylan delivers wry comedy
 while he unravels this classic whodunit and tries to win the heart of
 the classy dame he's been hired to protect.  McKeon and Wahlner wrote,
 produced and directed this witty and stylized comedy.
Oedipal Breakfast
Dir: James C. Sander    95 Mins   16mm B/W   1994   World Premiere
 An amnesiac wakes up in a bowling alley and searches for his identity
 with the help of a Freudian donut clerk.  Across town, a dry cleaning
 attendant carries a torch for her missing favorite customer in this dark
 comedy produced  by writer Laurie Maassen and husband Sander.  "Oedipal
 Breakfast" features a haunting original score by Lori Goldston and Kyle
 Hanson of the Black Cat Orchestra and an outstanding supporting cast
 including Brian Finney and Rick Barnes as a quarrelsome pair of would-be
The Miracle Strip: A Story Of Longacres Race Track
Dir: Stephen Sadis  80 Mins  16mm Color  1992
 When director Stephen Sadis heard that Boeing had purchased Longacres
 Race Track in 1991, he quit his job in Hollywood and promptly returned
 to his hometown of Seattle for the sole purpose of making The Miracle
 Strip.  This remarkable documentary lovingly chronicles the Renton Race
 Track from its miraculous 28-day construction in 1933 to its somber
 closing in 1992.  The film focuses primarily on Joseph Gottstein,
 founder and owner of Longacres and a man who was once hailed as "one of
 the most influential men in Seattle's modern history." This fascinating
 film represents more than just the sport of kings; it represents an
 important part of Seattle's cultural heritage.
The Seven Mysteries Of Life  Dir: Gregg Lachow  88 Mins 16mm B/W   1994
 Seattle filmmaker Lachow scores big with his debut feature that has been
 hailed in the Seattle Times as 1994's "Outstanding local production."
 The films focuses on two women and a young boy stuck waiting for their
 time-traveling friend (Lachow) who wants to prevent Lincoln's
 assassination.  The two women, played by Megan Murphy and Kara McMahon
 meet an oddball assortment of characters and dance with a very animated
 skeleton as they ponder "The Seven Mysteries of Life".
Trust Me  Dir: Jeff Probst  85 Mins   35mm Color   1994   World Premiere
 This offbeat action comedy pairs a senator's ex-girlfriend (Terese Tinling)
 with a would-be assassin (Adrian LaTourelle) as they drive to Montana in
 writer/director Jeff Probst's debut feature film.  The couple is chased by
 the senator's inept henchmen (hysterical Jevon Hull) and a rabid
 television reporter who senses this story is "definitely network."  This
 quirky road movie features stunning cinematography by Director of
 Photography Andres Garreton and original songs by Braden Blake and
 the Young Fresh Fellows with an original score by B.C. Smith.
 Print courtesy of Leo Films.
27 Pieces Of Me   Dir: Gerald Donahoe   88 Mins   16mm B/W   1994
 "27 Pieces of Me" tells the story of two sisters who are suddenly reunited
 when the younger sister runs away from her husband and arrives
 unannounced at the Seattle home of her older sister.  This award-winning
 film is the debut feature of Seattle filmmakers Gerald Donahoe and Gina
 Hicks who co-wrote (with Jeanne Munro) and co-produced, this
 contemporary drama. Cinematographer Hicks has been strongly applauded
 for the professional look of the film which features an original score
 by Matt Nimms of the Tiny Hat Orchestra and songs from several Seattle
 bands including The Ganja Farmers, Stinkhorn, and Lisa Koch.
    Rainy States Film Festival  The Shorts
Atlanta Lowdown    Dir: Bob Hutchinson  3+ Mins   16mm Color    1994
  Beautiful animation (poster chalk on black board - not rotoscoped!) set
  to a 1929 jazz tune.
Cowboy Jack  Dir: Chris Tumbusch   15 Mins  16mm B/W 1994  World Premiere
  A love story about death, an evil clown, and shaving cream.
Daughterline  Dir: Grace Lee-Park  11 Mins 16mm Color  1994 NW Premiere
  A moving tribute to an immigrant mother from her second-genneration
Drive Through Death   Dir: Ila Packman 2 Mins 16mm B/W  1993  Seattle Premiere
   An experimental film which takes a brief and frenzied look into
   capitalist death denial.
The Gunfighter Dir: Rodney Rogers  6 Mins 16mm Color 1994 Northwest Premiere
   An uplifting film about a dying young man contemplating his life while
   on the basketball court.
Inertia   Dir: Keith Bearden  14 Mins    16mm B/W      1991
   A hysterical look into a day in the life of a 20's something newspaper
   boy in Olympia, WA.
Lookin' Good  Dir:  Kevin Shortt  10 Mins  16mm Color 1992 Seattle Premiere
  Comedy from the Vancouver Film school about the battle between a
  narcissist and his reflection.
The Lunch Hour  Dir:  Rob Lundsgaard   5 Mins      16mm B/W   1992
  A comic tribute to silent era films with a surprise twist(ed) ending.
My Brown Eyes  Dir:  Jay j. Koh  18 Mins   16mm Color 1994 World Premiere
  A touching film about an immigrant Korean boy as he faces his first day
  of school in the U.S.A..
Ode To Joy Dir:  John D. Pai  20 Mins     16mm B/W     1990
  A visual celebration of Charlie Parker's life and music with narration
  by Jack Kerouac.
Plot Dir: Michael Gitlin   6 Mins      16mm B/W     1993
  An eerie fugue of paranoid voices filled with metaphor and the
  repetitious smashing of walnuts.
Red Square Dir: Marc Burgio  22 Mins     16mm B/W      1991
  An Evergreen student is confronted by a bizarre suicide which haunts her
Reign of the Dog  Dir: Ruth Hayes  16 Mins     16mm Color    1994
   Annimated short staring the "dog" as a metaphor for western culture.
Spree Dir:  Rustin Thompson  29 Mins    s16mm Color  1994  Seattle Premiere
   A fast paced story about a woman who embarks on a 24 hour crime spree.
Stolen Toyota Dir:  Kelley Baker   7 Mins      16mm Color    1993
   A documentary about getting your car stolen.
Wire We Here   Dir: Doug Aberle  12+ Mins 16mm Color  1994 Northwest Premiere
 Two animated characters constructed of pipe cleaners go over the edge.
    Rainy States Film Festival       Exhibition Schedule
Thursday, February 16, 1995 at 8:00 P.M.   Opening Night
   Oedipal Breakfast  (95 Mins, 16mm B/W, 1994, World Premiere) with Inertia
Friday, February 17, 1995 at 8:00 P.M.  The Shorts
   Atlanta Lowdown, The Gunfighter, Drive Through Death, Lookin' Good,
   Stolen Toyota, My Brown Eyes, Daughterline, Wire We Here, Cowboy Jack,
   Plot, Inertia
Saturday, February 18, 1995 at 2:00 P.M.
   27 Pieces Of Me (88 Mins, 16mm B/W, 1994) with Daughterline
Saturday, February 18, 1995 at 5:00 P.M.
   The Seven Mysteries Of Life (88 Mins, 16mm B/W, 1994) with Atlanta Lowdown
Saturday, February 18, 1995 at 8:00 P.M.
   A Formula 4 Mayhem (90 Mins, 16mm B/W, 1992, Seattle Premiere) with
   Stolen Toyota
Sunday, February 19, 1995 at 2:00 P.M.  The Feature-ettes
   Ode to Joy, Spree, Reign of the Dog, Red Square
Sunday, February 19, 1995 at 5:00 P.M.
   The Miracle Strip: A Story of Longacres Race Track (80 Mins, 16mm Color,
   1992) with My Brown Eyes and The Lunch Hour
Sunday, February 19, 1995 at 8:00 P.M.  Closing Night
   Trust Me (85 Mins, 35mm Color, 1994, World Premiere) with Lookin' Good
Rainy States Film Festival
1136 13th Avenue, Box C  Contact:  Chip Phillips (206) 322-3572
Seattle, WA 98122       Email: [log in to unmask]
(206) 322-3572