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January 1995, Week 3


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Melissa Lee Price <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Tue, 17 Jan 1995 14:15:40 CST
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----------------------------Original message----------------------------
As an educator with an interest in new telecommunication technologies
and their impact on the delivery of education I have developed an
interest in the potential of what is being touted as the National
Information Infrastructure.
Many who have been on-line for a while see the basic premise for
the NII in the Internet.  I have become increasingly concerned
that some members of society will fall further behind in
educational opportunities due to limitations in economic
access to technology.
I have also, recently, and in large part due to several 'flame wars'
that erupted on SCREEN-L and other scholarly discussion lists,
become concerned with 'social access.'  With this in mind I ask
that you answer the following questionnaire.
All replies will be kept confidential and the results will be posted
Please DO NOT return this to the list.  Since SCREEN-L is now
moderated, the other SCREEN-L members won't see your responses, but
Jeremy will annoyed if he has to forward replies to me.  I confess,
I'm too much of a pacifist to want anyone annoyed with me.
SEND ALL REPLIES TO:  [log in to unmask]
This is my research account.  If you want to contact me regarding this
study please use that address.  If you wish to contact me regarding
anything else please use my personal account of:
[log in to unmask]
Melissa Lee Price (Dr. Missy)
Northwestern State University of Louisiana, Dept of Jour/Telecom
Cut here:
1.  Have you ever observed a 'flame war' on an Internet scholarly
    discussion list?
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
2.  If yes, was the original 'flame' directed at a person because of
    their sex? In this case sex is used as 'perception of sex'.
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
3.  Was the original 'flame' directed at a person because of their
    race?  In this case race is used as 'perception of race.'
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
4.  Was the original 'flame' directed at a person because of their
    sexual orientation?  In this case sexual orientatiOn is used as
    'perception of sexual orientation.'
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
5.  In the ensuing 'flame war' were the sides divided along gender,
    racial, or sexual orientation lines?
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
6.  Have you ever been the recipient of a 'flame' ON the list?
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
7.  If yes, was this 'flame' directed toward you because of your
    gender, race, or sexual orientation? In this case gender, race,
    sexual orientation is used as 'perception of gender, race, or
    sexual orientation.'
    ____ yes, because of my gender
    ____ yes, because of my race
    ____ yes, because of my sexual orientation
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
8.  When there was a 'flame war' on list did the list owner ever
    address the issue and ask for tolerance?
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
9.  Have you ever been 'flamed' OFF list?
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
10. If yes, was this 'flame' directed at you OFF list because of a
    'flame war' ON list?
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
11. If yes, was this 'flame' directed at you because of your gender,
    race, or sexual orientation? In this case gender, race, sexual
    orientation is used as 'perception of gender, race, or sexual
    ____ yes, because of my gender
    ____ yes, becasue of my race
    ____ yes, because of my sexual orientation
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
12. In the midst of a 'flame war' ON list have you ever gotten mail
    OFF list supporting your ON list view points?
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
13. Has a 'flame war' on a scholarly discussion list made you
    unsubscribe to that list?
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
14. If yes, did you ever re-subscribe to the same list after a
    'cooling off' period?
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
15.  Do you read and post news from news groups?
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
16. If yes, is the incident of 'flaming' the same on the news
    groups as it is on scholarly discussion lists?
    ____ news groups have more 'flame wars'
    ____ scholarly discussion lists have more 'flame wars'
    ____ the number of 'flame wars' on news groups and scholarly
         lists is the same
    ____ don't know
For statistical purposes only, please answer the following:
17. Your age:
    ____ below 18
    ____ 18-22
    ____ 23-30
    ____ 30-35
    ____ above 35
18. Your sex:
    ____ female
    ____ male
19. Ethnic origin:
    ____ American Indian/Alaskan Native
    ____ African American
    ____ Asian or Pacific Islander
    ____ South Asian (from the Indian sub-continent)
    ____ Caucasian
    ____ Hispanic
    ____ Other (plase specify below)
20. Your occupation:
    ____ undergraduate student
    ____ graduate student
    ____ college/university academic
    ____ college/university staff
    ____ film/television professional (actually working in the
    ____ other (please specify below)
21. If you are affiliated with a college or university,is your school:
    ____ public
    ____ private
    ____ don't know
22. If you are afiliated with a college or university does your school
    offer classes via satellite, video tape, audio tape or on-line?
    ____ yes
    ____ no
    ____ don't know
Thank you!
Please return this questionnaire to: [log in to unmask]