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May 1995, Week 4


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Robert Burnham <[log in to unmask]>
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Film and TV Studies Discussion List <[log in to unmask]>
Fri, 26 May 1995 12:47:30 CDT
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----------------------------Original message----------------------------
On May 23,  9:03pm, Adam Koscielski wrote:
> ----------------------------Original message----------------------------
> Hi everybody,
> find out what the average person gains through the film. I want to see if
> anyone recognizes what the High-Brows say is present in a film except for
> other High-Brows
Do you also want input from people who already understand the theoretical
bases of semiotics (esp. in its cultural studies usage)?
> began to think, if no
> one picks up on the hidden meanings and pushed ideologies, how are the
> effectively present?
I would suppose the term "hidden" in the tense I *think* you are using it in
is a little problematic.  From my various excursions into the realm of
semiosis, I have come to realize that meaning is as much "there" in the text
as it is constructed by the perciever.  In addition, one's ability to "see"
the meaning or ideological impulses therein is affected by one's, for lack of
a better term, current politico-social standpoint.  A marxist semiotician
might look at the Lion King and applaud the hyena's as being a a group of
repressed "workers" clawing to topple the monarchichal rule, be it the
"legitimate" ruler or the interloper.  A psychoanalytic semiotician might
view the whole tension between father-son and uncle as, well, maybe I
shouldn't get into that can of worms.  You see my point.  When you say in
your studies you have discovered the signs and symbols  that are constructing
meaning for the viewer, I would be careful in asserting that these are THE
signs and symbols the viewer may or may not grasp.
> Please include some demographic info on yourself.
> (If I need to use someone's age, names will be changed to protect the
> innocent).
Once you get into semiotics (especially Barthes) you're no longer innocent,
that's for sure.  ;)
I live in Toronto, Canada.  I am 24 (and still an undergrad).  Sheesh.
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