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Subject: course on television

    I have been asked to teach a course about cinema and television. As I am
already teaching cinema studies, I know much more about film than tv, but am
surprised to see that despite hundreds of books about television, there
seems to be no textbook about television studies, or introduction to
television studies. I can quote 30 books about violence in television, but I
found none that can summarize the field of television studies. I would
appreciate a few hints, and to enlarge the scope, I accept suggestions for
books in English, French, or Spanish.

            Thank you

Two new books on television that I would recommend for upper level undergrad
or graduate students are:

Critical Ideas in Television Studies, by John Corner, 1999, Oxford.

Uses of Television, by John Hartley, 1999, Routledge.

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Online resources for film/TV studies may be found at ScreenSite