The professor of a class I am currently taking is *consistently* 10-15
minutes late to lecture (the class is a mixture of grad students and
advanced undergrads) and has canceled lecture 3 times (in a class that meets
twice a week for a 10-week quarter).  Then she has the nerve to schedule a
"make-up" lecture during the evening hours, making it difficult for students
who commute or work in the evenings or have other things scheduled to go to
lecture.  She removed readings from the syllabus because "there wasn't
enough time" to cover them in lecture; then she asked us to incorporate them
into the final take-home essay.  For the midterm, she had wanted us to do a
report on an exhibition, but access to the exhibition for that purpose was
denied; she actually wondered at the next class meeting if we (a class of
about 60 or 70 people) could do it anyway and "just keep quiet about it" and
what did we all think of that?  The class was silent, clearly shocked by her
political and ethical cluelessness.  Finally one person raised his hand and
suggested that the class was too large to make such a plan practicable, and
perhaps she could figure out something for us to do that wouldn't compromise
her position.


I'm just SOOOOOO happy that this is my last quarter of coursework.  *sigh*

Patty Lewis
Dept. of English (which is NOT, I feel obliged to note, the department of
the prof I'm talking about)
University of Chicago

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