Maureen Furniss writes:

> This guy was a REAL loser, but he instilled in me a great resolve to
> stand up for myself and to not get pushed around in the future.  He, as
> much as the few mentors I met along the way, really helped me develop
> character.

And there are those who make me remember to have a measure of humility,
especially the Victorian lit. teacher who objected to my arcane (to
him, anyway) references in a paper on THE MOONSTONE.  When I mentioned
in passing that Poe had "invented" the classic detective story format
in his Dupin stories, he sneered that "Poe was primarily a writer of
Gothic fiction. I suppose that "The Goldbug" might be a mystery, if you
stretch a point." (Yes, I memorized that comment many years ago!)  I
did not bother to point out to him that the Mystery Writers of America
give an annual award called the "Edgar" but I still wish I had!

At any rate, the incident served as an object lesson that teachers
don't know everything!

Don Larsson

Donald Larsson
Minnesota State U, Mankato
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