Quite so.  I hope that Mike Frank may be big enough to tell a story against
>himself in this respect!

          ken mogg says . . . and he's right . . . indeed his
          memory of the incident is far more precise than mine,
          and on target in suggesting that a detail i was looking
          to "interpret" [in VERTIGO] was claimed--by someone
          who was there--to be a permanent feature of the set
          where the shot was taken . . .

          but i remain, if not unrepentant, at least not convinced that
          this fact about the set, which i grant to be true, itself proves
          that no meaning can be read into the shot . . . .

          the world of fact and the world of interpretation overlap, but
          they sometimes face in different directions . . . n'est pas??

          but as to the facts of the case, ken is a superb guide, and
          likely his reading of them is more cogent than my own
          messy speculations

          m f

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