This is something that I have been trying to perhaps <<decode>> from PSYCHO
since I was about 8 years old when I first saw the movie.  The license plate
on Crane's car reads:  NFB 351.   The camera hold onto this image for
a long period of time.  The oly thing that I could get from it was that <<N>>
and <<B>> Stand for Norman and Bates and that the <<F>> could stand for a
middle initial, but I am unsure whether his middle name was used in the four
PSYCHO movies and in the prequel(?) <<The Bates Motel>>.  Also, does anyone
know where I can obtain a copy of <<The Bates Motel>>?  I know that it
wasn't welknown and a relative of mine once had a copy of it.  I think I may
have seen it on <<USA>> or the <<USA:Up All Night>> series.  I do remember
seeing it on TV though.  That's the only thing I can remember.


Erin White

Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Department of English

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