bending time's arrow
         Wed, 22 Sep 1999 23:08:26 EDT
         "Robert J. Winer" <[log in to unmask]>

I came across this query while emptying my e-mail INBOX on a school
holiday; this may be too far off-base, but I would like to suggest that
you take a look at Fritz Lang's 1921 "Destiny" (Der müde Tod). It has a
complex story line that involves a 'suspension of time' during which
three stories are played out that are far-removed both temporally and
geographically from the frame narrative. While the emphasis is on the
inexorability of death (fate) in each case, this is of course
inseparable from the passage of time and the causalities at work, which
all involve a forbidden love. Only the frame story does not offer an
explicit causality for the death of the young woman's lover, but
visually it is linked with the simple fact of the lovers' passion and
devotion to each other. (In the end, self-sacrifice and death prove to
be the morally acceptable choice through which the woman can be reunited
with her lover, - surprise!)


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