Call for Entries
Cleveland International Film Festival

The 24th CIFF will be held March 16 to 26,200O in Cleveland, Ohio. Short and
feature-length films made after January 1, 1998 for either 16mm or 35mm are
now being accepted for consideration. Video transfers (l/2”) of films must be
submitted for preview purposes.

Narrative, documentary, animated, and experimental films of either short (45
minutes or less) or feature length (over 45
minutes) may be submitted. The CIFF does not present technical or
instructional films and does not present video work.

The Guidelines and Entry Procedures provide all necessary instructions for
submitting films.

1. All films must be submitted on ½” VHS (NTSC system only) for consideration
by the Selection Committee.
2. All films submitted must be available in either 16mm or 35mm.
3. Deadline for all entries is November 30, 1999. (Early submission discounts
apply until October 3 1. See #5 and #6 below.)
4. A completed entry form must accompany each entry.
5. For short films (45 minutes or less), include a $35 entry fee ($25 if
postmarked by October 31).
6. For feature films (over 45 minutes), include a $60 entry fee ($50 if
postmarked by October 3 1).
7. If you wish to have your video cassette returned, please indicate this on
the entry form and enclose an additional $5 to cover packaging, postage, and
8. The CIFF does not present industrial or instructional films.
9. The CIFF does not present video art.
10. Films submitted in previous years may not be resubmitted.
11. Films selected for the 24th CIFF will be announced no later than February
18, 2000.
12. Prints for presentation at the 24th CIFF must arrive in Cleveland no later
than March 6, 2000.
13. All entries must be sent to the CIFF prepaid and, for your own protection,
should be insured.
14. Entries will be returned (upon request; see #7 above) via UPS and insured
for $100. Be sure to provide a street address
(not a PO Box #) for delivery.
15. Please notify us by mail or fax of any address changes.

Entry Procedure--
Please send the following materials in a single package:
l l/2” VHS videotape of the film (NTSC system only).
l Completed entry form.
l One-sentence description of film.
l Brief description or synopsis of film.
l At least one black & white still from film.
l One set of press and publicity materials.
l Entry fee: Enclose check, money order, or bank draft (US funds only) made
payable to the Cleveland Film Society
(write film title in memo section). Or complete credit card information on
entry form.

Send Packages to:
Cleveland Film Society
25 10 Market Avenue
Cleveland, OH 44113-3434
Attn: Selection Committee
Please note:
A) If using a mailer for your entry, use a bubble envelope, not a fiber-filled
envelope. Fiber envelopes can break
and cause damage to tapes and, playback equipment.
B) When submitting more than one film, please submit a separate package for
each film, including separate video cassettes, and include all items listed
above. You may use photocopies of this form as necessary.
C) We make every effort to handle your entries with the utmost care. However,
neither CIFF organizers, sponsors nor supporting organizations can assume
responsibility for damage to, or loss of, material submitted.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the CIFF office if you have any questions
about submitting films. Call during business hours, Eastern time.
Tonya Page, Entry Coordinator
Tel: (216) 623-3456 (FILM), ext. 20
Fax: (216) 623-0103
Or visit our website at

Cash Prizes for Shorts and Features
In recent years, more than $12,COO has been awarded to short films and
independent features presented in the CIFF. Awards for Best American
Independent Feature, Best
Narrative Short, Best Student Short, Best Ohio Short, and others will be
announced on the last day of the 24th CIFF. Winners will be selected by a
panel of guest jurors.

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